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I wrote the expiration date on the plastic container. I figured it would be good until then-if it's not already gone. Does anyone else have any ideas on how long it would keep?
You can do either. Fondant right from the mold will take the shape of the cake better-if, for instance, it's going on the side of a round cake.If left to dry for a while, they will be more sturdy and easier to work with.
I use Duncan Hines, and they did the same thing. The box went from 18.25 oz. to 16.5 oz. I just bought an extra mix and weighed out the difference. The 1.75 oz difference made about 1/3 cup. Now I just keep an extra opened mix in a plastic container and dip out 1/3 cup to add to the box I'm mixing up.
Since you have plenty of time, check out SPS. It is cheap, disposable, very stable and fool-proof.
I always overfill my pans so I am sure to have the height needed. However if by some fluke I do not get the height I need I use the Wilton plastic pillars that can be cut with scissors; they fit into the plates very well. (The SPS pillars are a little hard to cut.)Leah_s has a sticky here on CC that gives great info on how to use SPS.
SPS-It's the only way to go!
I add 1/3 cup of mix to the box I'm using. That makes up the diff.
The recipe on the back of the Hershey's cocoa can makes a pretty dark bc...and it's yummy, too.
I think it's so much easier to do that.BTW can't wait to see your cake. I've missed seeing your perfect buttercream.
I do the opposite of kimbm...I use the foil only for cupcakes that I bake for others because I like the appearance. I keep the white paper liners for family baking
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