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Krypto: Thanks! That's very cool. I love this place for the help that you can get here!   Chelle: The cookies sound very something my mom might LOVE. She's a big coconut fan! I'll have to look up a recipe and give it a try for her birthday. Thank you for the history behind it too...I adore finding out stuff like that and can't say as I would have learned it any other way   Cat
Chelle,   What the heck are Anzacs? Good luck with the caking with the chaos of getting your floors done! I don't envy you that.   Thank you for inquiring about my hand. The sad fact is that I will probably never have full motion or weight bearing capability in the middle finger of my right hand (about 40% range of movement and 30% weight bearing) and the ring finger of that hand is back about 90%. That one might be ok in the long run as long as I still use it. The...
Veronica, the owl cake is by far my favorite but I also love the looks like one of those wooden collector editions! Awesome!
How cute MissMeliss! I adore the "Sour cream" on top! LOL! I bet your son loved it. And, yes, this place is great...SO much to learn and everyone is so nice and ready to help here!   Rosie! Thank you!!! Hope your day was wonderful too!   Cat
Bwhahahahaha...ok...good reason to cut up the cake! LOL!
Awww...puppy! I wouldn't have the heart to cut it up tho'. SO sweet (yes, pun intended! LOL!)
Cazza,   It appears that most countries celebrate it on the same date with other countries scattered between May and December. This is the link I found:   Happy Mommy's Day!   Cat
Rosie! That's just SO cute! Your little figures are just adorable!   Here are the cupcakes, as promised. Happy Mother's Day (and Grandmother's Day in other countries!) to you all!  
SweetShop: Sabrina! You are only 18??? WOW! Girl you have a real future in this business! Happy Birthday (not sure how I missed that...going too fast as always I guess!)   Cupcake Maker: That is positively elegant! Just reading about it makes my mouth water! Bet it is YUMMY!   Cat
Cazza...those sound YUMMY! I make fudge each Christmas because that stuff is just dangerously good! LOL!   Cara!! What a great cake! I, too, love the light! Just awesome work!   And speaking of awesome work...Sweet Shop!!! LOVE that cake! I particularly adore how you did the cityscape. Inspired!   Texas, I just love rose cakes! One of the easiest techniques that looks absolutely wonderful every time. I love your yellow roses! Did you load your bag with each color...
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