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Cazza,   It appears that most countries celebrate it on the same date with other countries scattered between May and December. This is the link I found:   Happy Mommy's Day!   Cat
Rosie! That's just SO cute! Your little figures are just adorable!   Here are the cupcakes, as promised. Happy Mother's Day (and Grandmother's Day in other countries!) to you all!  
SweetShop: Sabrina! You are only 18??? WOW! Girl you have a real future in this business! Happy Birthday (not sure how I missed that...going too fast as always I guess!)   Cupcake Maker: That is positively elegant! Just reading about it makes my mouth water! Bet it is YUMMY!   Cat
Cazza...those sound YUMMY! I make fudge each Christmas because that stuff is just dangerously good! LOL!   Cara!! What a great cake! I, too, love the light! Just awesome work!   And speaking of awesome work...Sweet Shop!!! LOVE that cake! I particularly adore how you did the cityscape. Inspired!   Texas, I just love rose cakes! One of the easiest techniques that looks absolutely wonderful every time. I love your yellow roses! Did you load your bag with each color...
Pasties,   Sounds like the levening is bad in that box. Start over with a new box and check the expiration date as well. Sorry this happened!   Cat
That is SO cute! I have used dummies before in order to boost up the design. People are always tickled when they find out it's not real cake! LOL!   Cat
Hi everyone!   So I'm still trying to get use to the new baseball schedule and I just totally blanked out tonight that it was Friday. My phone died at the game and I didn't even think about an alarm after we got home again!    This week I was working on flowers for my Mother's Day Cupcakes. Here are some of them (about 2/3) from earlier in the week before final painting/shading. I'll take photos tomorrow when I actually make the cupcakes so you can see the finished...
Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can! Hope to see lots of photos tonight!   Cat
Thanks Ana,   It's really hot here so working has to be done with the place shut up and a/c on or everything melts. It's 34c here. I have to start working on sugar flowers for Mother's Day cupcakes for an event this upcoming Saturday night. The following week is clear but then I for my son's 13th birthday (paintball) and one for an end of the year baseball party followed by one for baby's 1st birthday (luau/giraffe themed). So I'm going to enjoy what time off...
Awww...Matty that's just adorable! I love how you got the logo on there too!   Norasmom...I find those to be the hardest cakes because there are so many traditional designs that people are expecting to see. I'll look forward to your take on it!   Cat
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