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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or give help if you can!   Cat
Texas, I don't think there is a cake I work on that I don't learn something new! I love the belt buckle! What a cute idea that works to keep the feminine into the country!   BTW...I had a chocolate frosting that did that to me too...I think there was too much chocolate added to the mix and it's almost like it was freezing up! SO frustrating!   Cat
Wow! Everyone! Came back in here and was blown away by the amazing job you guys did this week!   Icubed: Wow! I simply love your cake! Those ruffles had to take forever!   Mermaid! That turned out just lovely! I adore the tiara on top! Is that royal icing or fondant or??? So very pretty! your bow...I have such issues making them look like real ribbon like yours does! So WTG with your first one!   Reen! Wow...Seriously WOW! I would love to see photos... the 007 cupcakes for Father's day..SO cute! Love the Taz too. Great idea and wonderful work!   Sweetshop...that's just a gorgeous christening cake! Love your little shoes. And I know way too many who would be crazy over your Kitty and grownups! LOL!   Have a great weekend everyone!   Cat
LOL... Cazza....but you know she's right James...LOL! Hope you have a great birthday!   Marian..I ADORE your yellow M&M...SO much personality there! That's my favorite candy so I'd be in love with that cake! YUM!   Cat
LOL James! 52-pick up! LOL! And I take it your dad doesn't like, or can't eat, frosting? What a fun idea for a cake!   Cat
Very pretty Cazza! I've seen wine colored and creme colored petals here in California but I love the purple! And, no...we can never truly get that real texture of a flower which is frustrating. I found that with my hydrangeas but I'm the only one who noticed!  I have to do a peony soon and I know that's going to frustrate me to death so I feel your pain! Can't wait to see the final cake!   Cat
Oh my gosh those are SOOOO cute! No wonder they were gone in seconds!
Hi everyone!   No cake this week. We are going out to dinner for Father's Day so my hubby wants to get dessert there. We also had a graduation this week but we also had dessert at the restaurant....I'm seeing a theme here! LOL! It's all ok. I have double events this upcoming week so I've been very busy with the details for that this week and that will continue into next week. Also, my other job as a travel photographer has kept me busy editing photos from this past...
Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if needed! Happy Friday the 13th!   Cat
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