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Anyone have any suggestions? I made a batch of Swiss buttercream, and it was like eating a stick of butter. I loved how light it was, and it was easy to pipe, but the flavor was bad. My ingredients were 5 oz of sugar 4egg whites and 13 oz butter. Amy suggestions on how I can flavor this up.
Has anyone used the new Wilton Sugar sheets and has anyone used them in the Cricut Cake?
I put a crumbcoat on my cakes and place them in the fridge for about 15 minutes. This really helps to make the initial CC hard and makes icing the cake a breeze and so not messy.
Are there any bakers in kentucky? If so, what are the laws regarding baking or selling cakes from your home? I've been asked many times to bake cakes for payment. Just wondering
Looks just like my kitchen counters when I am baking......LOL Really great cake and such detail. How long did it take you to finish?
What are the laws for Kentucky??
I went to Dallas Texas to a little specialty bakery and they had "Cake Truffles". I guess cake balls was not fancy enough for them, anyway, the charged $1.00 a piece. they were just cake balls, nothing fancy. I can't believe they charged that much. A cake mix at Walmart is 78 cents. Do you all know how many cake balls you can make with 1 mix??Anyway, I thought I would share. Some of the combinations sound so yummy. I can't wait to try them all.........
Hi Ladies,Is there a cake store in the Dallas area, Cedar Hill area or somewhere close? Daughter wants cake supplies and would like to go to a specialty store, Not Michaels or Hobby Lobby.Thanks in advance,Jen
I order mine from Dixie's. They have many vibrant colors and she sent me a sample of her black. It is wonderful not to have to mix colors anymore.
Hummm - so why do you eat food at a resturant? Who's been touching the plates, cups, silverware, the FOOD? You don't have a clue what goes on. Someone had to touch that tableware before it was wrapped in that napkin - what was touched before and in between wrapping it? I guess if you don't see it then it doesn't bother you.I was thinking the same exact thing!!!!!!!!!
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