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I've done this with cupcakes. While the taste was good they were a little "slimey".
Dawn is the only thing I use - oh and disposable bags!
You can if you use a crusting butter cream.
You could make a pattern for the fan looking ones then use an impression mat and fondant tools to get the pattern/texture -however, it does look like a mold since they are so uniform in style.
I recall hearing that if the word is before like 1 c sifted flour - then you sift then measure. Or it would be 1 c flour sifted then you measure and then sift. Hope this helps!
My Michaels stopped selling the Cricut Cake and their Cricut supplies are pathetic. What's going on with SCAL? I have it and use it with my Cricut with no issues. However, I haven't done the latest update.
I just used the white chocolate ganache from their book on my zebra cake (ganache pics posted on my blog) and it worked out great. I'm not a fan of white chocolate but needed it for this cake. I'm embarassed to say that I used any white chocolate I had on hand - Guittard buttons, Guittard chips and bulk white chocolate from my grocery store to make up the 3lbs. Did your cream have enough fat? I recall reading that she uses cream with a specific amount % of fat. Sorry...
I purchased mine at Whole Foods, in Washington. Any type of organic food store should carry it. Make sure you get the powder and not the tea and be prepared it's expensive. To save time I'd call the stores first to make sure they have it. Good luck.
Congrats. I'm originally from AZ! Cute blog as well!
What exactly is the problem you are having? Cake ball falling apart, off the stick? I melt my chocolate (Wilton usually) in a pyrex measuring cup in the microwave, add the shortening at the end and then I put it on a candle warmer. This keeps it warm but not too hot. Agree though that the cake balls need to be cold. Also, make sure you are dipping the stick in chocolate and letting set if you are having "staying on the stick" issues!
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