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I wouldn't live without mine! LOVE it!
I tap mine against my small (Wilton) rolling pin - so there is space between the tappit and the counter. That way I don't tap on the letter when it pops out and I'm not paying attention! I love my tappits and I wish they made more!!!!
I've been thinking about getting this but not sure because if I still need something on the accounting side and don't want to have to do double entry. The spreadsheets I've seen/created just aren't cutting it! If I plan on making this a business I need to treat it as such. I hope Cakeboss will be at Cake Camp so I can see it in action as I'm still on the fence if it will give me everything I want/need.
I've done this with cupcakes. While the taste was good they were a little "slimey".
Dawn is the only thing I use - oh and disposable bags!
You can if you use a crusting butter cream.
You could make a pattern for the fan looking ones then use an impression mat and fondant tools to get the pattern/texture -however, it does look like a mold since they are so uniform in style.
I recall hearing that if the word is before like 1 c sifted flour - then you sift then measure. Or it would be 1 c flour sifted then you measure and then sift. Hope this helps!
My Michaels stopped selling the Cricut Cake and their Cricut supplies are pathetic. What's going on with SCAL? I have it and use it with my Cricut with no issues. However, I haven't done the latest update.
I just used the white chocolate ganache from their book on my zebra cake (ganache pics posted on my blog) and it worked out great. I'm not a fan of white chocolate but needed it for this cake. I'm embarassed to say that I used any white chocolate I had on hand - Guittard buttons, Guittard chips and bulk white chocolate from my grocery store to make up the 3lbs. Did your cream have enough fat? I recall reading that she uses cream with a specific amount % of fat. Sorry...
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