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Also, make sure that when you are dipping that your chocolate goes over the ball and then onto the stick a little bit. That helps as well. Also, make sure your cake balls aren't too big and heavy for the stick.
I think it would be a TON of stress for you. You could be working up until the last minute to finish the cake depending on the size, design, etc. that you could be exhausted for the wedding, and if this is your baby you don't want to miss a minute of it! I say pass the baking on to someone else. Maybe you can make a bridal shower cake?
Sounds like what a lot of us just did for Cake Camp - well except for the real cake. Is there any reason you couldn't just bake when you got there? I think you could take most of it if you checked your bags, however, pack it really well and have a Plan B & C! It sounds like the best part is seeing family and your announcement. Congratulations on your good news!
Go with your instincts and do white. I think it will make the fence pop with everything else being pink & brown! Sounds really cute.
There is white gel/paste coloring. Even Wilton has some!
I like the full name!
I made the Hershey's with the Extra Dark cocoa and did as another CC'er suggested and used 1 c sour cream instead of 1 c milk and I loved it! Texture and flavors were all amazing!
I wouldn't live without mine! LOVE it!
I tap mine against my small (Wilton) rolling pin - so there is space between the tappit and the counter. That way I don't tap on the letter when it pops out and I'm not paying attention! I love my tappits and I wish they made more!!!!
I've been thinking about getting this but not sure because if I still need something on the accounting side and don't want to have to do double entry. The spreadsheets I've seen/created just aren't cutting it! If I plan on making this a business I need to treat it as such. I hope Cakeboss will be at Cake Camp so I can see it in action as I'm still on the fence if it will give me everything I want/need.
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