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I just checked and my business account was dinged for $149.99 at  I will not be using GSA again, I don't care how much cheaper they are.  This is the second time in 3 months.
Wow, this happened to me as well and I didn't even think about it being I'm aware and I just reordered.  Time to go look at my account.  I will not reorder again.  This is really unfortunate.
Send her to Cake Camp in 2013!!!  
I refigerate my fondant cakes all the time. I put them in a cardboard box and put plastic wrap over the top of the box - it's usually a big box. I never have any problems. However, I usually don't do this with cream cheese frosting. If I do cream cheese I'll crumb coat with SMBC. Have you thought about doing cream cheese for the filling and then white chocolate ganache for under the fondant?
I'm so sorry this happened to you. I wonder how they are storing the cakes the second day? Are they air tight, refridgerated? This will all effect how the cake tastes the next day. Why don't you make yourself the same cake and look at the results for a few days. Does the whipping cream seperate? Again, how long was their cake out? It might be that they just need clearer instructions on how to store their cake if it isn't all eaten on the first day. Usually oil...
This cake has oil so it should stay nice and moist. You'll probably find that it will taste even better after a couple of days! BakingIrene's ideas are great! Good luck.
Do you have a restaurant supply store such as Restaurant Depot or Cash & Carry? You might try to search for something local to save on the shipping. I get my cupcake boxes from my local Cash & Carry.
I agree! I was fortunate enough to visit AUI in May when I was in Maryland and got to bring some home. I just bought a white and black since I was travelling. 2.2lbs is $7.17 for white and the colors are $7.72. I just did a cake with the white the other night and my friend just started eating the fondant because it was so delicious. It is stretchier and definitely has a "marshmallow" feel to me. I usually use Fondarific but am getting ready to order the FondArt for...
Some people carve or I've read that you can use different sizes of cakes so have a 6" on the bottom and an 8" on the top - still some carving needed probably. You can google "tapered cake" I got this - this luck!
Thanks everyone! I know she bought the Wilton heart topper and it is a simple outdoor (August - ugh!) wedding and I want the cake to meet her expectations and mine! So I'll see how big that topper is and how the proportions will look. srkmilklady thanks for the photo that is almost exactly the style of what she is looking for!
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