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First of all thanks for showing those cutters - I want some!!! I find for my tappits I get lucky if I use them with a silicone mat. Sometimes the letter stays on the mat and I don't have to slam the darn thing - which is what we all have to do! Just a hint that works for me - but only sometimes. Brushing with cutter with cornstarch or powdered sugar is a must!
I hope they manage to get edible markers. I don't want to go through all the steps to convert the regular ones. I agree I probably would buy the mats to so I don't have to take off the sticky stuff. Does anyone know how long the blades should be good for? I don't think I used mine that much but all of a sudden it is not cutting well at all - even after I get all the gunk off of it!
Say no now. This will probably just get worse and worse. Individual cakes are a huge pain and she still wants you to go through the effort of decorating a full dummy cake? Do you have the time? I think it would be cheaper to just buy her a gift and maybe offer to make the bridal shower cake. Best of luck can't wait to hear where this goes next.
I just used a lot of powdered sugar and put it on with the brush that came with the rollers. I didn't have any problems. You may have to wait for the gumpaste to completely dry to get it off. I didn't have any oil coming off on my stuff......
I feel like this all the time when I do something - I think "that looks so homemade" (not custom!) maybe I shouldn't be charging what I'm charging.... then I looked at your cakes and wonder if I ever have a chance to be that talented! Your cakes are beautiful! Just go back and look at the great work you've done - and really who orders a laptop cake???
I get the freezing part and I understand when I store my unused fondant to keep it airtight to keep it soft and workable - however, I did a cake for new years and kept it unrefridgerated in a cake holder for a few hours and when I lifted off the fondant letters to cut the cake they were a melty mess. Wouldn't you have the same problem if you stored precut fondant decorations in an airtight container v. freezing then thawing? Or was it because of the BC - which was real...
You've encouraged me to try. I too have been very afraid to make this style of cake - measuring and dowling are not my strengths! Great job and I agree what a great red! This is a fun cake!
It would be wonderful it they did this and if the cake shows would too - I would love for Duff or Buddy to say how much their cakes are! Then people wouldn't complain about $3 per slice which is cheap for cake and mine are all from scratch!
If you can get the Expressions. I got the smaller one and wish I would have gotten the Expressions when it was on sale over Thanksgiving. I did my first cut last night. It's going to take some trial and error but I'll get there. I have the DVD and SCAL. I was excited it see the cupcake wrapper thing - I will have to research that - may be an excuse to use my current Cricut for paper and buy the Expression for fondant....hmmmm.
Okay I have read almost every post in this thread (thanks to everyone) and only saw my question once - page 16 I think but didn't see an answer - sorry in advance if I missed it. I just watched my video and have a question - how does she store it in the freezer? It didn't seem like she wrapped it? Couldn't you just as easily store it in a air tight container?
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