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YES!!!  Another successfully frozen cake, and one less in the garbage.
There recently was a discussion on cake central about using copha in icing.  I was going to attach a link but when I googled it to find it several other relevant threads came up.  Type into google...copha in buttercream cake central....and several threads from CC discuss how to use it and how to make it less hard.
Thanks for the link AZ, I just watched it.  I thought the results were really interesting. 
We were typing at the same time.
So for the sake of discussion, cakeyouverymuch, I think it isn't to be compared to the venue dropping the cake because you didn't hire them to handle the cake.  What if it was your spouse or someone you hired to deliver the cake that dropped it.  To me that is more what this is to be compared to.  Rsaun, don't let it get you down, you made it right with the customer.  Just review your methods and focus on how many orders you have shipped that arrived in perfect...
Rats, I missed it.  I have been watching the show but didn't notice it on the schedule last night.
Yes.  Perishable filling or icing would need to be refrigerated.  Another option to consider to get it done ahead of time is to do it a week or so ahead of time and freeze the entire completed cake.
You made it right with this customer and that is what is most important.  My spiel/opinion in post #7 above was more directed to others reading this  post or that may refer back to it later in time when they are dealing with a disaster. 
I humbly admit when I initially gave what to wear advice I was picturing a female.  Pardon my gender bias.  However I submit the following link regarding men with cleavage.   And they are not porn, totally clean and in fact are celebrities, male celebrities.  Just for giggles.  When I googled men with cleavage I was picturing overweight men that...
I am glad that you and the customer worked it out but I still disagree with anything other than a full refund.  It wasn't your fault but it certainly wasn't the customers either.  When you have a business that involves shipping it seems to me that you bear the responsibility if there is any shipping problem of any kind, part of the cost of a shipping related business.  You agreed to provide a certain amount of a certain design and that isn't what the customer received. ...
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