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A picture of the sliding rosettes would be helpful.
Maybe you need to place your tip a little closer to your crumb coat so the rosette is pressed more into the crumb coat.
Years ago I was wondering about the Wilton serving chart.  I took my 9 inch pan and traced it onto paper.  Then I took a ruler and made lines 2 inches apart  horizontally. Then I made vertical lines 1 inch apart and did a  little adjustments for the round edges so that each space had about the same area.  This is the IndyDebi way of cake cutting.  Then I numbered the spaces and I had exactly 32 spaces, exactly what the Wilton chart said I should have for a 9 inch pan.  I...
It seems to randomly happen to me. Most times it defrosts fine, occasionally does the same as you describe. I have never figured out why. It is fine and not spoiled though.
Make sure if you do three layers that your cake serving plates are large enough to hold taller slices.
There is a link and also directions in the earlier posts on this thread.
Enga, I don't think anyone is upset with you or anyone else who search for and  post answers or links to other peoples questions.  That is great that you take the time to do that.  People also shouldn't be upset if someone suggests a search.  I have done it occasionally, especially if it didn't seem anyone else was posting any answers.  I would  usually try a google search.  If that brought up relevant answers, which it always did, then I would suggest the same search...
Pricing seems to me to be the most common topic and the answers are basically the same regardless of how they word the original post.  If pricing was made to be a forum category then people would go there to post their question.  That would really funnel all the pricing things together.  Then if there could be a post with a brief but well written piece on how to price that would be at the top of the page.  All the time.  So if you went to the pricing category to either...
The blog you linked to used 1:1 for their filling and you are using 2:1, seems that could be a problem.  I don't know anything about ganache, just comparing the recipes.
Wow, Pastrylady, you are good.  I never would have figured it out.  In my defense there was another spammer this morning which maybe made more suspicious.  You are quite a linguistic detective.  It looks like the post was removed, but it really asked the same question as the OP, which I tried to answer in my first reply. 
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