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SPS does the whole table top thing to avoid squishing of the lower tiers and also prevents lateral shifting.
There are a lot of things in caking that are up for differing opinions...scratch vs mix, freeze or not to freeze, how to  price, etc.  Having each tier on a board is not.  Each tier of 3-5 inches high or so must be on it's own cardboard or foamcore or something like that.  In addition the dowels, either wooden or plastic, or straws are used.  The whole purpose of the dowel system is to keep the weight of your 8 inch cake from squishing your 12 inch cake, and to keep the 6...
Just curious...why did you give her a discount just because her family member had ordered cakes from you?
are you talking in fondant or buttercream?
Ohhh...that's a nasty thing to do.
beach, I forgot that one of my containers is a make up container, little handle, opening lid and everything.  much smaller but I had that one first and it worked well.  Then I thought, duh, tool box.  So now I have one of both and they work well.  I like that they fit where I have my cake stuff stored and are easy to carry to my kitchen when making a cake.
I don't sell cakes but it looks to me like the cake matches the sketch that the customer approved.  If you do give a discount, which I don't think is needed, then it should be on this cake, not a future order.
Also tool boxes from hardware store work well.
The cakes must each be on their own cardboard as part of the support system as well.
When I did mine, I did more than the usual crumb coat so that where there were small gaps between the rosettes no crumbs would show through.  So it was heavier than my usual crumb coat but less than a full coat since the rosettes would be adding icing. 
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