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Is your cake on a stiff board or plate? If it flexes then the cake flexes a little and can cause the icing to crack.
Be careful with offering fake tiers. Dummies are costly and you still have the full expense and time of icing and decorating. If the bride is so concerned about having a large, showy cake she can chip in some cash.
I just reread and saw you plan to have two workers so my numbers would have to be doubled but the concept is still the same. One other thought is since you are looking at this as a big marketing opportunity that your product , display, etc will all be a reflection of your business so the appearance, products, impression, and customer service at this event can impact your business reputation. Both positive and negative. Good luck with the event.
First of all I admire your enthusiasm. First thing I would suggest since this is your first expo is to keep it simple. For example only have regular size and no jumbo. Second is figure out what you can transport, carry into the venue and store in your tent. All those items will be a massive transportation and storage effort. Third is what all you can keep from melting in summer heat. Also there is a limit to what a person can actually sell, timewise. For example if...
I admire that you want to help your friend. However she shouldn't have invited so many people if her budget is so limited . She is also taking advantage of your generous offer to gift a cake if she is suggesting that she wants a 4 tier cake that feeds so many more people than will be attending. Use the Wilton wedding serving chart for your tier sizes.
Why would you offer to make a cake that serves 200 for only 50 guests? That seems unnecessary and wasteful.
I suggest you start over. Since finance are an issue for you also , decide exactly how much money you are willing to contribute to her cake. Then look at the wilton wedding chart and see what layers will work best for 125 servings. then do some calculating on what it will cost you for all of the ingredients, boards, support system, supplies like pans you may need to buy. A total cost. Then meet with your friend and have an honest conversation about the cake you...
Yes. Don't try to smooth it, leave it rough and swirly.
What is sspe? Bring samples and business cards to your hair salon, dr office, to work with your hubby, the playground, military social events, etc. Donate to fundraising events, etc.
It doesn't sound like you have made an agreement with her yet regarding what size or price. Decide tonight what you are willing to make and at what price and she can agree to it or go elsewhere.
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