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And you need to kind of gently push the icing into the crumb coat to start and then keep putting pressure on the bag as you move the tip away. 
I assume they are metal tips.  A little Goo Gone or Goof Off should do the trick.
That cake will be massively heavy if you try to stack the whole thing ahead of time so factor that into your decision.
If your chocolate isn't smooth then you will need a heavier layer of sand icing over it.  You could end up with really thick icing.
won't the additional time and effort to do a smooth coat of chocolate and then a later smooth coat of sand color add enough to the price to come close to fondant?  Also, I just checked and LorAnns oils makes a chocolate flavor that might work.
Was each tier on it's own cardboard?
Maybe if you post the location there would be a CC member who would be interested.
Thanks for sharing your business vs cake time Costume and howsweet.
Costume, can you add just a bit more to your answer...certainly the business skills are needed as much as the decorating/baking skills.  I was just going to add then when I read down to your answer.   My question is could you say approximately how much time you spend on baking and decorating and cleaning compared to the business side?  My point being that not only do you need those skills but you have to be prepared to spend a lot of time on the business end, not only the...
You may want to re-look at your discount policy if you want to make a successful business.  If you do give a discount, and I don't think just because a family member has ordered from you would warrant one, then make it clear on the contract.  For example..10% for immediate family, or for referring 3 new customers, etc.  Otherwise next time they will wonder why you are more expensive, or their friend will wonder why they are charged more.  Also that way the client knows you...
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