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I think on Americas test kitchen they spread out slices of bread on a cookie sheet to find hot spots.
I often bake two 8 or 9 inch layers and ice and decorate each layer. Usually I make one for a dinner and freeze the other for another time. That way you still have a larger top surface to decorate. When I do this I will sometimes torte them so they have a bigger awe factor. It is handy to have one in the freezer for a short notice treat to bring.
First question is how many servings do you need? You have a lot of questions for a wedding cake that is needed for this Saturday. The quickest way to get your answers is to use the search function or use Google. Type in high temp butter cream cake central and relevant CC threads will show. I would stick with the cake and icing recipes you have used and like. Trying a new recipe this late in the game could be trouble. Just use the same icing for filling, icing and...
Yes, add some more liquid to your icing so it is a little softer to work with. I wouldn't worry excessively about your cake tipping on the drive. A 10-6 isn't very top heavy. Just use a cake board under the 6 and dowels or straws in the 10. Travel with the cakes flat to keep em level.
Give it a shot. They will love the gesture even if they arrive messed up. I would bake then slice them in half horizontally. Then put the icing between the halves. Put them in a clam shell container, place in a tight fitting box and send them priority mail.
Fairly quickly is way too vague. Whether by email or voice you need to give a specific deadline.
I don't see anything "wrong" wish it. On the rare occasion I notice it on a cake I just think that it was done by a leftie. I doubt any non baker would notice it at all.
Target, Kmart type stores have plastic lazy Susan / turntables in with kitchen things.
She posted posted the info in the box above yours.
Anna, yes. I loved that feature.
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