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My nephew turned 11 this week while I was visiting the area.  I was going to be spending the day with him and his 9 year old little sister.  At the last minute I decided to pull together a little birthday cake for the 3 of us to have a little party during the day.  My mom had made a chocolate candy cane shaped cake with a pan she got for Christmas.  It was broken apart in 3 pieces.  I used the longish part, covered it with canned chocolate frosting, made a face out of m...
It may be too late but can you have a conversation with the niece or her mom and straighten this out?  It may be a miss-communication with MIL getting involved.
Have you all checked around locally to see if there is a company in your area that sells acrylic products?  If so, check with them on their prices for making what you want.  Our town of 85,000 has a company that makes anything custom in acrylic products, so you might have one around and don't know it.  They make things like table top holders for menus, napkin holders, all kinds of things, custom or they have a line of  products.  Cutting out custom rounds, squares or...
What a nutjob,  All she needed to do if she was truly so worried is take a small piece from the back without disassembling it all.
I have used Rubbermaid or Tupperware containers, any type of food storage container.  But if I was to do a lot of cupcakes I would use any rigid storage container, like a storage tub if I had room in the freezer for it.  I am guessing luciescakes is referring to the clear plastic containers that have molded spots for the cupcakes, like what you get muffins and cupcakes in at grocery stores.
Basketpam, have you tried the cream cheese "mints" that are made in molds?  I wonder if that is what she made.
Generally I use a ziplock bag/bread bag/plastic food storage bag since I am only dealing with a dozen or so. 
Cake and buttercream freeze great. Cover with some plastic wrap, freeze, remove from the freezer the night before.
Lily, if it was me I would do it all a couple of weeks ahead and freeze the tiers...baked, filled and iced. Take it from the freezer the day before and put in the fridge or the night before and set on the counter to defrost. Then all you have to do at the end is stack and add flowers or whatever. You could even avoid stacking by using one of the displays were the individual tiers are on their own plate.
Mini cupcakes aren't going to give you much surface area to decorate though.
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