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Did you take the gumpaste/fondant course at the craft stores? The fantasy flower is very easy. I personally had trouble with the carnation but everyone else was knocking them out beautifully. The roses I did in Course III were decent. I have trouble working with strips of things but someone in the class said he knocks the ribbon roses out real quick. I haven't tried them yet. I like cut outs to work with. Definitely give the gumpaste kit a try too. I bought it...
I've always baked from cake & brownie mixes and scratch cheesecake because I always loved goodies. I bought a Wilton video & kit once but never really watched it. About 2 years ago, I picked up a BEAUTIFUL roll cake for my brother at the grocery store. We cut it & started eating it & it was horrible. My brother had the best description - pumpernickle cake. We dumped it in the garbage - a 1st in our family's history! I said "that's it! I'm baking my own cakes, I...
Becky @ Oh My Goodies wrote "GourmetCakes, Oh hubby added more lol.... I love making the buttercream and I don't understand why other husbands don't help out with it since it only takes max 20 minutes lol.... Does your hubby clean up after he makes the BC? If he does, we'll have to clone him! Now if there is one that makes buttercream, bakes the cakes and cleans up.... oh in our dreams....JasmineP.S. I didn't see the answer to using the new Crisco with the standard...
I really don't have time to make 2 cakes. Did anyone ever collar a square cake pan? Do you recommend collaring cake pans in general? I just switched to 3" in my round pans to make bigger layers. Can I fill up the pan to the top when collaring?Thank you in advance for your help!
It's a beautiful cake and I'm sure no one noticed!
I'm so sorry for you! It hasn't happened to me YET! I'm sure it will. They'll be impressed with the burger though. Nice job! It's making me hungry!
I'm so sorry that you went through all of that! You know we still love you here! I think we all learned a lesson from your "adventure". Go spent that $25 on yourself!! You earned it and a lot more!Jasmine
I store it in an airtight container with a piece of Saran Wrap or something similar over the container & then put on the lid. Just be sure to push the Saran into the container so the lid is air tight. If I don't use it all, I keep it around as long as possible, mix it up and then experiment or practice some new flowers.Jasmine
From what you wrote, she is more of an acquaintance. She would have real nerve to ask you to bake a cake for nothing even if you are not selling them, and she should ask your price. If she doesn't offer to pay and you don't feel comfortable asking, ask her to make something for you next time you have a party. Find out what she does best and ask her to do it for you. Hopefully, she's a good window washer! Jasmine
I was going to look a cake recently posted in the gallery and got interupted. It was with a lady's body and a bikini. Maybe you can do that belly dancer style. It should be in the recent uploads.Good luck!JasmineP.S. I guess if we all did bellydancing, we could eat more of our cakes - huh?
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