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I've been searching and searching for weeks and can't find any tutorials. I wrote to one or two people and they haven't responded. I looked through my books and don't have one with a ship. Hopefully, someone will respond. Probably a tutorial is in the works since pirates are pretty popular. Worse comes to worse, I'll wing it, as usual. Thanks!
I am planning on making a pirate ship cake & now that I'm thinking about it... I don't know what the heck I'm doing! I have baked 2 10x10s & an oval because I had some batter left over. I made a pattern which I will place corner to corner for bow to stern. I have a wood plank impression mold but it's one that you push the fondant into, not flat. I've always rolled out my fondant, draped it on top of the cake, etc. etc. Can I push it into the mat & then patchwork the...
Make it personalized for him. It can be naughty or nice. What are his hobbies? Love cars? Favorite movies? Sports? Since I'm an amateur, I do something to match the person... fashion grad got a hat & dress cake, my hubby got a leather biker jacket, the Mary Kay lady got a pink car. They get a kick out of it when it's about something they like and it fits them and they don't notice my mistakes! Your torso cake is fantastic!
Probably the policies are being changed when they have a child with a food allergy or someone was sloppy & made kids sick. I know of a HS student in my hometown who died a few years ago from eating a candy bar that may have had peanuts in them. They were never able to find out what he had eaten & if it was labled properly.On a lighter note, is carrot cake healthy? It's made with vegetables!
It sounds like you have all the support you need at home.
My friend who became a Wilton instruction told me she also pipes in more icing if need after the layering is done to fill in any gaps where the dam ends & the cake ends. A tip 10 would probably work.God I'm blessed! I'm 5 mins from AC Moore & 10 mins from Michael's & Costco. If I really blow a cake, I can get one at Costco - I am obviously not a professional!! I just bake for friends and family.
That cake is very pretty!! You know we're our own worse critics & I'M SURE, no one noticed your imperfections but you! Sometimes, I take a picture of a cake and for some reason, the flash or lighting in my room highlights something that you wouldn't otherwise notice. I would have been happy having that as my wedding cake! Don't give up on wedding cakes although I would imagine I would be SO STRESSED just because of all of the work involved.I only started decorating a...
I wish I had seen your photos before I attempted my boxer. Mine looked like a pig. He was awful, so we ate him. I was sooo disappointed because I wanted to make it for someone who was moving and loved boxers. I was too embarassed to give it to him.
Sheesh! I better take Wilton Course I over again! And II & III! I definitely missed something. You do nice work. Best of luck to you!
I don't recall seeing one like you have mentioned but how about using the lamb mold cake? I have pictures from somewhere where someone made a calico cat and a cow. If you have the mold, take a good look at it & maybe you can make the head and nose bigger. If you want to see those pictures of the cat & cow, email me & I will email the pictures. Also there is a very nice deer's head somewhere in this site. I can email that too you too because it's in my favorites.Jasmine
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