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Let me tell you the mistakes I made on mine so you know what not to do!!! I made a 3" plus cake which was too high. I had to add cut paper plates to hold up the fondant on the sides flat plus I put marshmallows under for support. It was for a friend so I can do that kind of stuff. If I had to do it again, I would make 2 - 2" with one smaller than the other for the sides. Cut smaller one to put on the sides of the round one. I was trying 2 leave the cake underneath...
If it makes you feel better, I forgot to put the eggs in my cake last night when I started mixing. I remembered, hopefully in time that it won't effect the texture. I know one time I forgot the water in the beginning and it wasn't too good.I think if you're not happy, do it again since you're looking for business... Although we are our own worst critics. Plus, you'll have a nice cake for yourself! Decorate it cute for your daughter as an apology. Try the simple syrup...
Where's Off the Beaten Path? I tried to find it & couldn't.
I just dug out the coupon from the paper & saw one for 55% from 4/20-4/22/08. You can also print them on line. Gotta go shop!
Maybe do a sketch & then some alternatives?
She did a great job! Watch out! She'll be in your cake stuff soon but then it's always good to have an extra pair of hands!
That's a great idea using the vinyl sheeting/tablecloth type(?)! I'll have to try that! I go through about 3 a year & I'm just making cakes for friends and family!
I use Wilton or Satin Ice fondant so I'm not sure it this will work but I put my fondant on the way I learned in my Wilton class. Use the Wilton measuring/fondant mat. I lightly coat it with grease. When I get the size & thinness I need, I slide my arm under the mat, lift it next to the cake & sort of get the side matched to the bottom of the cake, then lay it on the cake mat & all. I make sure it's going to cover the cake & then peel off the mat from the fondant. I...
I am so sorry for your loss. Hopefully the good memories will ease your pain soon. It will take time, not a day, week, month or year. Losing one's Mom is rough. Devastating is an understatement. Seek comfort in family & friends. God Bless you and your family.
Actually, when you think of the time plus the cost of ingredients, that's a bargain. That was a beautiful cake! I never really knew the work involved in making decorated cakes until I got started it myself and obviously, she doesn't either. I'm sure she was happy when she got the oohs & ahhs from her guests! People are becoming more aware of the cost nowadays. There are cakes and there are cakes. She got the Lexus, not the Ford.
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