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Thank you very much! My nephew's ball team has their last game this Saturday and I want to surprise him with cookies for his team!
How do I get the color of a basketball? Mix some red with orange? Or, do you just use orange by itself?
For me, it depends on how heavy the cake is. A lot of times, I do use foamcore. I get mine at Hobby Lobby and they will cut them to whatever size you want (in the framing department) for .50 cents a cut.
Would you happen to have the name or a picture of this tool?
That's too cute!
This is such a fun thread! I love looking at everyones work because it gives me so much inspiration!Does anyone else want to ad to this? I'm sure that you guys and gals have baked up many more sheet cakes since this thread slowed down.Please share.
Well, it never fails...once again, you've made another fantastic video.Thank you for sharing your skills with us.Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
Whew! 2 hours and 24 pages later...thanks everyone for some great tips!
Oh, honey...we don't have any crowds here...this is such a wonderful site and we'd be more than happy to help you, but I take this message as the others have, in that you may have asked a question and didn't get an answer. But, I don't see any other posts from you besides this one. If you look in the forums, you will see many people complaining that their posts are disappearing. It must be a glitch that needs some adjusting.So, there's no need to give up or get...
You'r right! It is a great website. Thanks for sharing.
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