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I will like to know too. It's beautiful!!
Virago, Thanks for the link!!
I think you should not refund, that is the purpose of all contracts, protect both parties, in this case you. Delicious Desserts, what a nice response 😉
I will love too to know...
Hace un tiempo que no entraba a la pág. ¿Cómo veo mis fotos???
Soledad: Thank you for the info. I do not mind. You can pm when you want!!! Now, I remember your post regarding those cookies!!! Like you, I do prefer fondant decorated cookies, but admit that royal icing decorated cookies are more beautiful and cute than fondant ones. Look at your whale turn out very cute. I will have to "play" a lilltle bit more with royal icing.
You are welcome!!! If you need anything else just let me know By the way, I saw your gallery, beautiful cookies!! Will like to know where you get the whale cutter or if you made it with a template.
I do cc classes twice a year, usually April & October-November. I teach the baking (2 recipes) and decoration with fondant & buttercream. Its interactive, they help me with the preparation of the batter and buttercream and they decorate the cupcakes. Provide a booklet with:The batter recipes made plus 2 more & the buttercream recipe. I use already made fondant ( didn't teach that). List with names & photo of the equipment used;List of Internet sites related with...
Elcee: Thanks for the recipe, sounds good!! I don't blame your friend at all. )
I agree with Diane 706 she handled this with her "big girl pants on" considering, in my opinion, that she was not accountable for what happened. Very professional her attitude at this situation.
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