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I wouldn't. :-)
I wouldn't worry with freezing it. If you bake it Thursday or Friday it will be good until Sunday with no problem. The crumb coat seals the cake so it does not get stale. Most of my cakes are for Saturday events and I bake after work Wednesday night, crumb coat early Thursday and ice and decorate Friday. So your timeline should work just fine without freezing. Good luck!
It turned out great! I really like your mud effect. What size is your base cake? Any construction tips?
Must be something in the water because I just got a grooms cake order for this same cake. Yours is so good. I'd love to hear how you did it. Will please copy me on the your instructions also? Thank you!
No SUV here so when I showed your shelf picture to my talented hubby he built me one! I have a 3 tiered grooms cake to deliver about 150 miles away in 2 weeks so it will get a good test. I call it my cake car seat. Lol Thanks for posting the picture and for the awesome idea!
I have always used Duncan Hines but I am so mad at them right now! For the last month or so my cakes have been flat and hard and slumped away from the pan after they come out of the oven. I have been frantically troubleshooting - checking my oven, mixing more, mixing less, using different pan, etc. Then I found out the French Vanilla I usually use is a smaller package size - 16.5 oz. instead of 18.25 oz. NO change to the box size or the packaging to indicate I was getting...
I've been having the same problem and I am so mad at Duncan Hines! Once I realized the French Vanilla I usually use was a smaller package size I added 1/3 cup of flour to my regular doctored recipe (8 oz. cream cheese, 2 eggs, 1/4 oil, 1 cup water) and it came out great. Finally! So aggravated it took 10 failed batches with me troubleshooting - checking my oven, mixing more, using different pan, etc. when it was their change - with NO change to the box size or the...
What a cute design. I've traveled with stacked cakes as far as an hour and a half away without any problem. For this type of cake I would use a dowel attached to the board to stack all the layers on but I'm all about doing too much - just in case. Lol   You could make the box out of RKT and cover it with fondant. The kids in my family would get a kick out of eating it. And for my family I would consider using real lolly pops - as long as there is enough for each kid (of...
Rock candy. I mounded the icing a little and sprinkled a bag of the candy.
I considered carving it but I'm hoping the Bundt pan will result in less trimmings. It's dangerous to my waistline to have that much extra cake around. :-)   Please post a picture when you get it done. I'm excited to see how it turns out.
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