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Thanks for all the great responses!!
I have a bunch of these NFSC in the freezer and I'd love to take them to a family easter dinner. Can anyone brainstorm some cool way to decorate them? I love when people use a cutter for something other than what it was intended for!   So, can you help me turn my Star of Bethlehem into something Easter themed? Thank you!!!
How about 1+1=3.
monkeysmum - so you put them in the fridge hot?  I haven't heard this one yet and I've read all the tips I could find here for this problem.  Going to try this next.   Seems that a lot of people have this problem and there is no ONE sure solution (similar to "how do I get my cupcakes to dome) 
lacey - did you ever find them?  Curious where.
  This is a Baked by Melissa mini cupcake (for size reference).
Another vote for a hatchback. I used to have a PT Cruiser and now I have a Kia Soul.  The back is completely flat and totally accessible with lots of height.
Seems like that would be closer to "selling" than I'd like to be. If I donate a cake people will bid on it (with tickets) and a winner will be drawn at random.   But since it is not for a church I am not sure if it is ok.
Oops sorry! New Jersey, USA
Can someone help me interpret the law on home baked good for fundraisers? I believe it says it is ok if it for a church sale.   Does it have to be for a church?  I wanted to donate a cake to my son's school.  They are having a Tricky Tray (Chinese Auction).  The money raised benefits the school.   Would this be ok?   Thank you!
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