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Ok, I did a cake for my husband's niece's birthday today.  It's in my album(Cake Slice Cake).  I starting working on it Monday by baking the layers.  Then I went on to do the other elements buttercream filling, ganache, fondant pieces, cake board, etc.   So long story short. I spent a number of hours on this and it is a family freebie for a niece that is very dear and near to my heart and she is turning 12 today.    Now I get to the GOOD part.  My MIL tells my husband...
This is a family freebie and the only request from my niece was chocolate and more chocolate so whatever I do will be loved. I was just trying to come up with a filling that would be ok without being in the fridge after the it was ganached and covered with fondant. I ended up uses Claire138's suggestion. It tastes divine!!!!! So the cake has to have the final ganache coat to smooth it and I will cover it tomorrow. I'm doing a cake slice cake for my 12 year old niece...
I personally bother because I love a challenge. I get great satisfaction out of baking from scratch. So for me it is a matter of preference. But on the other side if it works for you and baking from a mix and doctoring it is good for you then do it. I completely understand the aspect of having a consistent product. The baking part is not even half of what goes into a creation. And there are some artfully talented people and I really wish that I was of them. My...
Claire138 do you just whip the two together???
What about plain liquid coffee creamer, coffee crystals and a little vanilla added to the mousse mix????  Does anyone think that would work???   Otherwise, I will probaly go with a regular frosting(shortening based).   Cakeymom
I am going I to fill a my chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and then ganache and fondant.  So no problem there.   I am just unsure if I need to refrigerate it overnight since it will have a mousse in it.  Can I possibly just add water instead of milk and some flavoring,(maybe some coffee crystals), to help make it shelf stable.    Also, I am unsure how the fondant will do in the fridge overnight??????   Cakeymom
Need the ratio of chocolate to cream for a thick chocolate ganache. Also, can I use Ghirardelli dipping chocolate to make it?? Cakeymom
Thanks. I added pudding, eggs, water, oil, and some sour cream. Smelled heavenly.
I normally bake from scratch, but since this is a family freebee and my chocolate cake recipe is rather expensive I am in need of a good moist and not overly dense doctored chocolate cake recipe. Baking tonight and will go to the store on my way home. Thanks in advance, Cakeymom
If there is anyone that uses Wrap Candy software for the printing of edible images please tell me how you like it and why?  I am thinking about purchasing it because it is so inexpensive.   Cakeymom
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