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Veronica1203. Metal is not a nontoxic material. I would use a wooden skewer dipped in a thin layer of white chocolate and allow for just a little were the bow meets the cake. But, above all roll your bow on the thinner side and use a mix of 50/50 fondant-gumpaste or 100 gumpaste. This when dry is lighter in weight. Hope this helps, Cakeymom
The Alabama Legislature has sent SB159, the Alabama Cottage Food Bill, on to the Governor for his signature!!!!!!!!   This has been three years in the making and we had some wonderful people spear heading our efforts.  That along with all the calls, faxes, and emails to our legislative bodies will soon turn this bill into a reality!!!!!!!!   Cakeymom
If you are in Alabama and are interested in helping to see the Cottage Food Bill move one more step onto the special order calendar of the Alabama House of Representatives please fax your letters to Victor Gaston at 334-242-2208 or email him at or call him at 334-242-7664.     The Bill has passed successfully through the Senate with one amendment.  But now needs to make it onto the special order calendar for the House to vote on it and it still has...
I made the cake layers earlier in the week so I was committed to red velvet. But I just finished filling and icing the cake. I ended up making a SMBC. For the filling I added pulverized freeze dried strawberries. It is yummy and this way there was no chance of watering down that luscious SMBC that I worked so hard on. Then I iced it with the vanilla flavored SMBC. It will be simple design. The color of the icing is a soft pale mint green and I have one:-) wafer...
Has anyone made a Cream Cheese Swiss Meringue Buttercream???  If so, did it act just a a regular Swiss Meringue in it consistency and workability?  Did allow for sharp corners???   Cakeymom
Ok, how about a strawberry swiss meringue for the filling and for it to be iced in.  I am trying to add some flavor since red velvet cake is not a flavor.   Cakeymom
I am doing a cake for my sister for this Saturday.  Tell me if this sounds good to you???   Red velvet cake with a strawberry cream cheese filling covered in white chocolate ganache??     Cakeymom
Well, maybe the other suggestion will work better for you.  Use a chocolate disk on the cupcake.  Take some chocolate and melt it then spread it to the proper consistency by hand or by using two sticks in whatever height, say 1/8" to spread it between the sticks as a guide on top of parchment paper.  Then before it sets completely use a cutter to cut the disks and once it hardens carefully roll the parchment paper on the edge of the counter to remove the disks.    Hope...
Where can I buy the acrylic disks used in the upsidedown ganache method? Cakeymom
Modeling chocolate or chocolate disks. Cakeymom
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