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I called around to several local bakeries just to see if I could get a straight answer. One bakery that touts "Homemade" in it's name, but did admit that their yellow and chocolate cake was from a prepackaged mix. So at least they were honest????????One bakery whose employee answered the phone didn't know if they used a mix, yeah right - that says MIX all over it.I agree, it's a matter of taste. But, if I were a mix maker I would be honest and proud enough to admit it. ...
How do you get a repeating pattern so close without smudging??? Especially if piping gel is used??cakeymom
I am new to tappits and was wondering is it ok to eat gumpaste??? Because I want to use it on cookies.cakeymom
Thanks Diane. Sometimes you think you know the answer, but you want to just double check. cakeymom
I am just beginning to attempt a try at fondant. But was wondering what is the difference between fondant and gumpaste???And which application is best for each???Thanks,cakeymom
Just a thought. I did one with cookies for the candles for my son????He really liked it.
Please try IMBC (Italian Meringue Buttercream). I's AWESOME. However, it does take a little more effort to make.It has a more adult taste, not too sweet. It's light and accepts flavors very well.I love it!!!!!!cakeymom
This was wonderful!!!! Thanks to all that baked because it allowed me the fruits of your labor.But, this is just a bit of info for those that are using the Mermaid Vanilla Butter cake. I added 3 Tbs of whipping cream (unwhipped) to the batter along with the buttermilk and it made the cake smoother or finer in texture and added the extra little moisture factor that was missing and the moisture was retained for for three days by doing this.Here's a picture in cupcake form
Warren Brown of CakeLove has a utube on how to make the Italian Mernigue Buttercream and it's the recipe that I use and I am lovin' it!!!
The daughter wants a cake for her parents that are in their fifties and their b'days are about a week apart and have already past.I am going to do a very vanilla cake and french buttercream icing in a 9" three layer cake.I have not a clue on how to decorate it????HELP............... cakeymom
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