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I use a fantastic poundcake recipe that has taken me years to develop(sorry I don't share it) But, I can tell you that it has extra leavening(salt, baking powder) in it to create a very moist, but light cake that is excellent for carving and stacking.Good Luck,cakeymom
Thanks for the input. But, my DH listens to a comedian that tells how he gets his dogs to eat collard greens. The punchline is....that's all they're fed. So it's eat or starve. I kind of feel that's the case in my area, if that's all that's offered then that's all they have to eat. Like it or leave it. My point is that some people that just don't know good cake or cupcakes in this case. So, I'll still have a niche if my product is better than theirs. cakeymom
I use 2/3 oil and 1/3 butter. Oil tends to make the cake too oily for me.cakeymom
Any other opinions will be greatly appreciated.bump....cakeymom
I have an order for in the morning that I need to get started on. I have free reign on these.So I would like to apply a thin layer of piping gel on top of my sugar cookies and then dip them into colored sugar. Will this work??? They are for ages 4-7 so they don't have to be fancy just good tasting.On the other half of the cookies I will apply royal icing all over the cookie and valentine colored m&m's around the border. cakeymom
Ok, VentureSister I was beginning to think that I was a total snob. It's just that after going to the library and doing much research on baking(because I like to bake primarily from scratch) I know that a much better cupcake is attainable. My only thing that I need to work on is doming on my cupcakes.BTW, I'm in Mobile,ALcakeymom
If you can still get it at Sam's buy the Ghirardelli dipping bars. They can also be ordered on line last time I checked.Far better than anything else I've ever used in consistency and taste. The bars at Sam's are 6.48 for a 2 1/2 lb bar. They come in White and doulbe milk chocolate. While the maker sells them for 12.00 each.cakeymom
We have two new cupcake shops that have opened up. Matter of fact they are the only "LEGAL" cupcake shops in town, as well.They both have cupcakes that are dense with a lot of large crumb and the icing is way too cloyingly sweet.I thought the cake part of a cupcake was to be airy, but light with some small crumb. It's as if these two shops never heard of cake flour and if not cake flour 100% a mixture of cake flour and ap flour. Then you would think that by now they...
BUMP..... Does anyone know anything?????cakeymom
My husband may be getting a job in the Florida panhandle and I was wondering if there are updates on changing Florida's Cottage Laws???cakeymom
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