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There is a petition on facebook that would be awesome for you to sign if you haven't already.  But, yes there is a massive following to have this happen in the current general session.   Cakeymom
This sounds like a very good strategy.  Now we know were to send our letters simple and non-demanding and probably short in nature.   Thanks for the update!   Cakeymom
Does anyone know through contact with Senator Glover what the final bill that is to be submitted for consideration will contain?
If I remember correctly there were some questions regarding a 50,000 threshold for sales like Texas has, which is what the Alabama bill is modeled after.  He thought it would have a better chance of passing if it were lowered.   I did contact him about the amount when it was at 5,000 and voiced concern as to actually how low the limit was in terms of the overhead that goes into sales and how low the profit margin would be.    I say lets get it passed with maybe...
I am in the lower part of the state. My letter is very simple it outlines why it is a win win situation. In that the state and local municipalities are missing out on sales dollars and that as a home baker I would like to legally earn money and gain the insights that could lead to me possibly opening a storefront and employing others. I also played devil's advocate by noting that this would not affect existing storefront owners as these sales are already taking...
BTW, I am already drafting a letter to start sending out once the bill has been given a number     cakeymom
Of those for it.  But, maybe this is a little redundant given the Facebook page.  Just a thought to show numbers????     cakeymom
I am not quite sure of your question but I'll say this. I do not have enough money to open a storefront and I have what quite a few think are good products. Therefore I would love the idea of earning money to start setting aside for a storefront and the sales information to put together a business plan. I would guess that a lot of storefront owners started out by baking out of their kitchens honing their skills for free or maybe even selling under the table. This is a...
Wonderful. I wonder if there is a way to tie a petition to it???? cakeymom
Maybe an online petition? I just don`t know how to start it???????????
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