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I still don't like bringing people to my house, and in VA they don't want you to do it anyway. There are rules about having clients come to pick things up, and having people come for consults is borderline. I'd assume that other states have regulations about bringing people to your house, but I'm sure it varies.   It's up to the individual to do what they're comfortable with, but I'd say that if you're going to do a lot of consults you should look into getting a...
Oh, and tell the woman at the venue to go pound sand.
I would advise against bringing people to your house for consults. You don't know who they are, it's disruptive for other people who are at home, and depending on what's going on it can be distracting for the clients. A lot of states have rules against bringing clients to your house anyway. Just meet people at a local Starbucks or somewhere like that and package up some samples for them to take home.   I share an office space with another wedding pro who works form home,...
"Fondant cake with a roll of fondant that looks like squished icing on the outside" is the technical name for it.
Definitely get photos of the cake as it was being cut, they always take them then so they have to exist. Also call the venue to find out what happened.   If the color was supposed to be purple and it wasn't then you should give them money back. If the cake was supposed to look like the ones with the bigger petals that stick out farther from the cake you should give them money back. I suspect that they expected the cake to look like that photo with the white petals that...
Yeah, I don't know that I'd call it a technique, it's just rolling ot a snake of fondant unevenly then stickign it to the cake. Or if you mean the top tier, it's cutting out a wavy piece then sticking it to the cake.
If they would just stop labeling plastic glitter as edible I would be satisfied. I'll check out those other products. The "hybrid" thing makes me suspicious too! Really, all luster and petal dusts are edible, the quantities that you'd be ingesting aren't going to do anything to you. But by the same token, rocks and dirt are also edible.
That looks great, I'm glad it worked for you!
Nontoxic types are fine for decor items, and really, with the small amount that you'd get if people actually did eat the fondant (which they don't most of the time no matter what we tell them) it's not such a big deal.   Considering that Disco Dust comes up when you search for edible luster dust, I'd argue the edible classification unless it's an FDA approved product, too. I know that Crystal Colors makes an FDA approved luster, are there other brands too?
I love Pfeil and Holing.
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