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What I mean is a decorated cupcake and then a decorated cakepop sticking out of the top. I should have had a better description, sorry.
Have an order for cupcakes with cake pops inserted into them. Not sure how to charge for that combination. Any advice would be appreciated. Also have not done cakepops yet so don't even know how to price those.
Yes, I got the wafer paper from Bakers Kitchen, but they didn't have the frosting sheets. Was hoping there was another supplier in the area.
I am in a dilemma, I bought wafer paper instead of frosting sheets to cover the side of a cake. New with this paper stuff. I need a place near Richmond Va. that I can purchase the correct ones. Any ideas? Need by Wednesday so there is no time to order.
How long after putting wafer paper on the side of a cake does it take to soften and "melt into the frosting"? This is my first time using it and I'm not sure what to expect. Right now it still feels stiff and has been on for about an hour. Also I did put a small amount of crisco on the back before putting it on the cake. Thanks
I need to make a topsy turvy cake to feed 50. Can someone tell me what size pans to use? I am thinking I will do their layers for each tier and carve them. TIA
I need to make a navy blue fondant, but only have royal blue color. How can I get Navy Blue? TIA
Thanks guys, I added more melted chocolate and it worked just fine. I used Wilton candy melts.
yes, I did let it sit overnight, but I wonder if I put too much corn syrup, not sure.
I made first batch of modeling chocolate and it is too soft. Any way to stiffen it up? Thanks
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