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The can worked with no problem. It was pretty easy to push out as well, I just put it on top of a cup and pulled the can down around the bottom until I could pull it all out. I was amazed that it took almost an entire recipe for one pineapple can. I guess I really packed it in tightly ;)
LOL!  I think I can work with one of those!  Thanks.   I took a large pineapple can and cut the top and bottom off.  I'll grease it up and hopefully be able to pack it tight and then get it out.  We shall see :)
I am going to make a rocket for the top of my son's cake.  I assumed RKT would be the best way to do that, but I can't figure out how to get a good cylindrical shape.  The last time I used RKT, it wasn't very easy and the overall result was kind of bumpy.    Can I press it into a greased can or something, to really pack it in?   Other ideas? Thanks!
Thanks. I was thinking I might have to suck it up and do it again. I knew the gumpaste would shrink a little so I took that into account, but what happens when the sugar sheet is already on it and it shrinks?
Thanks! I'll try that. I put two images of each on my page so that I would have a spare. Yikes. Little scared
I made a few fake books for a retirement cake. I cut and sized the gumpaste first, so that I could measure and make sure that each book jacket would fit. I'm picking up the sugar sheet today and wasn't sure the best way to do it?Piping gel?Vodka?I don't want to roll out new gumpaste because I need it for thursday and because these are exact sizes already. Thanks!
Is it possible? It would be okay if said color was a little tan as it will be a guy lying on the beach. Thanks.
Trying attachment again.
I was asked to make a cake for work and since it's a surprise for one of my best friends, I said okay. This goes against my general rule of only making cakes for my kids (2 a year).Anyway, it's to thank her and another guy for orchestrating a huge move. I have pictures of all the reject furniture and wanted to make a pile up. Something like this picture. They originally asked if I could do a carved couch and while I probably could, I just don't have that much time. ...
I'm making a bunch of dolphin cookies for my daughter's birthday. I made a huge batch of Royal icing using Antonias recipe. Do you think if I wanted to add additional flavor and some corn syrup for shine, that I can do it after the royal icing has already been sitting?I am going to add some more powdered sugar as it seems to be rather runny. If I add the previous and then more sugar, what do you think?Also, how long would you leave cookies before eating? Party is...
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