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She wants one "design" with 4 cakes incorporated. Or just one cake with a way that they all have a candle to blow out. My first thought was just a 4 tiered cake with one tier designed around each person but they only need like 20-30 servings so that would be way too much cake. The only other idea I can think of is to make 4 small "present" cakes and arrange them all together to look like a pile of presents.
Have a customer that needs a cake to celebrate 4 different birthdays. Besides making 4 small cakes separately, she wants 4 different flavors to by the way, for each person, I'm stumped on a design that wouldn't look choppy. ALL ideas Welcome!
Doing my 3rd topsy turvy and starting to wonder if I should do it differently. I use the method where you cut out the top of an angled cake and place another cake down inside to give the "effect" that it is sitting crooked. The problem is that it rounds out the inside edge and it is sometimes difficult to cut out the space because it is so close to the edge. Do most of you guys just stack them on a flat-angled cake with opposite angles or cut it out?
Thanks!!! I'm going to try some of these out tonight!
I found one that I use for my kids cakes that is allergy free (no eggs, milk, etc) that seems to be pretty good for an eggless cake anyway. It is just a vanilla cake. The recipe is:3 cups cake flour (MUST use "cake flour")1 3/4 cups sugar1 1/4 cup water1/2 cup shortening3 T. water, 3 T. oil, 2 tsp baking powder all mixed together (THIIS IS THE EGG SUBSTITUTE)2 1/2 tsp baking powder1 tsp salt1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extractPreheat to 350. Grease pans (2-6" rounds). Mix all...
Had someone ask me today if I could make a "white" chocolate cake. Couldn't find white chocolate in a form like the chocolate cocoa (powdered) and wasn't sure if melted chocolate would work the same. Anyone have a recipe or done something similar before? My only thought was to do a vanilla cake with white chocolate chips.?
I did a baptism cake for a brother and sister who were 3 & 6 mo. It is probably bigger than you need because it was a small tiered cake. It was just all white with design in the icing and two rosaries on top. If you view my photos, you can see the picture!
I have a mom requesting a smash cake made with all organic ingredients and no sugar in the icing. Is that even possible? I told her orginally that I could do the organic cake with a fondant icing that she could just peel off when her daughter was ready to dive in. I thought about recommending a "jello" cake but I'm not really sure it that is considered organic or not. Any ideas would be very appreciated!!!!
I think I'm going to agree with everyone!! The idea made me too nervous! Thanks for all the advice!
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