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I recently purchased the CakeBoss software and am still trying to figure it out. Can anybody that does have it, tell me how to record a payment?
Does anyone know or has anyone tried printing on the Wilton frosting sheets with your printer and food safe ink?
Larry's Arts and Crafts in Pasadena and Lyons in Baytown both have it. You will have to look up the numbers. I have got it both places. Good luck
Question about cake liners.....I won a couple as a door prize at a day of sharing/ When I used them, my cakes still stuck to the pans. Did I do something wrong? I guess we are talking about the same thing. The plastic liner looking things that go in the bottom of the pan?
Is the cake there yet???
I don't have a clue...but sure would like to see it when your done.
I bought one a while back at Party Boys in Houston, and I love it.
Thanks Ya'll, it worked like a charm..
When I attempt to upload some of my pics. I get the following message "bmp files not allowed." Does anyone know why and how I can fix them so that they can be uploaded to cc? Thanks
I made one using the same tutorial and one using Debbie Browns instructions, and trust me, the above tutorial is a lot easier and turns out a lot better. Good Luck
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