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Lizzy, that is just amazing!!! Did you use an actual blackboard? It's brilliant!!
Oh Tiddy, just watched the video. I cannot beginning to understand the pain you are going through.... Hope you feel better soon, Tiddy. (((((( hugs))))))
Thanks Mel. The white choc seems to be fine. It's the dark choc I am having trouble with. I put the ganache in the fridge now. I will ganache the white vanilla first. Then do the chocolate.
Marvel, for dark choc it's 1:2 ratio cream to milk and for other two 1:3 ratio. Kuuushi, I don't think would. But if you are worried about it, ask you H2B to take around 12pm? Barbara, I know. After what happened to Suzanne, I am a bit worried now. I know it's the dowels which gave the problems. But still it makes me nervous. The bottom tier is 12" chocolate and baked it in two halves. Normally I half them and put the filling. But last night I just put only one filling....
Oh Tiddy, I am so sorry to hear that!!! Why does it happen and what does it mean? Sorry for all the questions... Sounds pretty serious!!!
Good morning everyone!! Kuuushi, did you bake them on Monday? I think it's better to take them out before you go to work. If you take it out at 2pm, not sure there's enough time to thaw, but.... In this heat it may thaw quickly. My dark choc ganache hasn't firmed up at all.. Why do I have a bad feeling about this cake!!!!!
I have kept the cakes and ganache in my cake room which is a bit cooler than other rooms in the house. I don't have a big fridge Mel, but I will try and get them in at least one at a time. I am thinking of stacking them at the venue. Looking forward to seeing your cake too Mel.
Yippee!!! I am sooo glad to hear that. Well done Kuuushi!!!! Mel, yes, squires is quite nice and they have gorgeous colours. The one I bought is a very pale yellow. Will post the pictures tomorrow! Finished two cakes for tomorrow, the top tier of the wedding cake... Done and the other two tiers filled and left to rest. I am a bit nervous about this wedding cake as the ganache is not firming up. And the top tier is a fruit cake....
I love snow!!! But not to play on. Just admirering!! Siany, what are crystal flowers?
No problem Jo. Sorry I don't know about pro gel as I haven't tried them. Love to hear the feedback if anyone has used them. Siany, sorry to hear about the gelatine trouble... Have made gelatine flowers but not bubbles...
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