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Marvel, I know how you feel. I have come across people like that many times!!! So it's there loss not yours!! First impression do the letter blocks but they are quite expensive. You can try on eBay.
Good morning all!!! Lovely cakes everyone. Sugarluva, sorry to hear about the cancellation. That why you have to take a deposit regardless of the price. It's your business and don't forget the time you have to spend making these figures. Jo, lovely bedroom, and yes, the black & white cake is mine. Thank you! UKake, I may be late now but I have a great recipe and you can make 12 muffin size cupcakes. If you want I will pm you it. You don't have to use all these extra...
Thanks Maisie. I stacked only the bottom two tiers and put the top tier at the venue. I was very nervous but it behaved very well, better than I thought it would.
Hi all.... Thanks for all your lovely comments. Siany, yes, I panel the board once the cake is done. But not for round cakes though. and Siany, love the peony! And I made the piano from RKT but because of the weather it was a bit soft. I RI the black paste on at the end. Hope you are feeling better now.. Tiddy, so good to hear from you and better now! Delivered the wedding cake in the morning and it survived!!!! Here is the picture.
Thanks everyone! Kuuushi, I used the Patchwork cutters Dancing Couple set. You get 2 sizes on the notes and dancing couple too. You have to use flower paste for this and roll quite thinly and leave it for few minutes for it to dry as it is easy to cut and to take them out.
Good Morning all! Kuuushi, your cake looks sooo yummy!!! Is it choc cake? Lizzy, hope all ok now..... Marvel, beautiful cakes. So today I have to deliver the wedding cake. I have stacked the bottom two tiers but put the top tier at the venue. I also did two cakes which were collected yesterday. they are...
Kuuushi, your cake is so neat. Marvel, it's beautiful! Sugarluva, if you are not sure about piping, you can score and then use your sugar gun to do the lines.
Tiddy, that is amazing!!! How are you feeling now Tiddy?
Lizzy, that is just amazing!!! Did you use an actual blackboard? It's brilliant!!
Oh Tiddy, just watched the video. I cannot beginning to understand the pain you are going through.... Hope you feel better soon, Tiddy. (((((( hugs))))))
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