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You should seek legal copyright advice from an attorney for rock solid legal advice, since none of us here are attorneys and cannot provide legal advice.   "The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 provides that the author of a photograph is the person who creates it. The author will be the first holder of the copyright in the photograph unless this was created in the course of employment in which case the employer will own the copyright."...
In my experience with wafer paper, fat does not dissolve it, my buttercream doesn't dissolve it, but it's always best to do a test!
That is Sugarveil lace made from this lace mat:   It dries like a hard fruit leather, and would take a while to dissolve, unlike royal icing, which would melt right away   When the Sugarveil is still pliable you can cut it with scissors into the doilies.   Alternatively you can pipe Sugarviel mix into any pattern you like, as the mat is quite expensive. Although with the mat you could make like 9 at a time very easily.
Try powdered food coloring, or a light airbrushing on the meringue. The color will bead if you apply too much with the airbrush, but maybe the combo of tinted meringue with airbrushing will achieve the color you want.
 What a great idea! As a person with diet restrictions myself I just don't eat cake unless I made it myself, but I love the idea of giving the caterer/banquet manager an ingredient list!
What are you using to glaze the cake to make it shiny?   I think piping gel and corn syrup would dissolve the image, or at least make the colors run. But I have never tried it with confectioner's glaze. Do you have a piece you can do a test on? That's probably the best thing to do. Let us know what works and what doesn't.
I found this video, it might be helpful. The recipe is a little different but give it a try.
 Good to know, I had a food workers permit myself, but our inspector said we would share the kitchen permit. I wonder if it was just easier on him though, less paperwork. But we split the cost which was great! And FYI, we never had a problem, but it was always in the back of my mind every time she left dirty dishes in the sink.
Your bakery name is a very personal thing. I have limited advice:   1. Be sure you name your bakery something you will be proud to say out loud a lot! "Hi I'm Mary from Bakery Name" if it's long or rhymes and you feel silly saying it out loud, don't use it.   2. Be clear, Jack's Landscaping, Pacific Fabrics, Outdoor Depot, you know what they sell/do. I like both the first choices because you are Mary and you sell cake.   As a person who changed my bakery name once...
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