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Trader Joe's has canned coconut cream, which has more fat than regular coconut milk. Oh and their semi-sweet chocolate chips are vegan too!   I found a recipe here that uses regular canned coconut milk, which you can get at any grocery store:   I would not recommend the coconut coffee creamer, and BTW that isn't dairy free.
I haven't had piping gel dry up and go gummy, but I have applied it not that long before serving. It sounds like MBalaska had applied it a day in advance.   If you don't let it dry out too long you shouldn't have any issues getting a knife through it. You can color it with gel color and apply it on top of buttercream or fondant. It's perfect for a beach cake with water.   Post your pics when it's done!
 it looks great! Can't wait to see the finished cake.
I have only used sugarveil, but looked into the candy lace product. Their website says that it doesn't go yellow like sugarveil does and that it stays pliable.   Depending on what you are doing you might want it to stay pliable, or you might want it to harden like sugarveil does. Other than that, the only difference would be the price. I looked very quickly, so you may find better/different prices, but I found the candy lace to be about 40% to 100% more expensive. I...
I have made this recipe, which everyone loves, like a hundred times!   To make it raspberry, substitute raspberry puree and raspberry jello. I did this once and it was amazing, the color is really nice too.
this doesn't answer all your questions but it is a step by step video on applying ganache under fondant:   Good luck!
 Hey All, sorry for my tardy reply. Yes its a large drop flower tip, I will find the number later. An open star 1M is not the same. It is exactly as MommyMommy and some others mentioned, it's a loose rosette with a smaller loose rosette (kind of incomplete, more like a swirl) piped on top of it with a large drop flower tip. I only use IMBC, since I know that's the next question. We published my IMBC recipe in volume 2 issue 2 of Cake Central Magazine. It's pomegranate...
That sounds like an awesome cake!   I'm not sure if this will help, but here is a tutorial for making a spinning cake stand, which I know isn't exactly what you want"   I think this video is probably the technique you would need though:   She is an amazing decorator and a Cake Central user:
How will you be using the piping gel?   It's very easy to color and pipe with. As far as taste, it's basically tasteless.  Good luck.
you can make your ganache thicker by using more chocolate.   As for how much, you should just test it out, I would probably add an extra 4 ounces, depending on how much thicker you want it.
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