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Marzipan will not stretch like fondant, so the application will be different than fondant. I recommend you do get a second smoother eventually, but for this application it may not be necessary.    I would roll out the marzipan with powdered sugar underneath it and cut panels to apply to the cake, trim them to fit. You can use your smoother to press it onto the cake so you don't get finger prints.   As for the jam vs BC, what kind of BC are you using? Does it crust? If...
I personally substitute pureed fruit, like pumpkin, banana, or apple sauce for eggs all the time. In a chocolate cake mix it will not change the flavor or color, but in a vanilla cake mix you will notice. It makes the cake denser and it does hold together. I actually prefer subbing pumpkin in brownies since it gives them a nice dense fudgey texture.   I have used enger-g egg replacer and do not like it as a sub for eggs in a layer cake, it just doesn't hold the cake...
That Meringue Crusting BC recipe sounds like what I had on some cookies recently and I have been trying to figure out what it was. They were the best decorated cookies I ever had. Can't wait to try that recipe! 
 NOOOOOOOOOOO! IMBC can almost always be saved. So sorry you didn't get help sooner. Search in the top right corner of the home page for IMBC troubleshooting and you will find many threads discussing all the potential issues with IMBC. Next time, save it.
One more vote for the Progressive Stainless Steel Bash 'n Chop. I love it. I have other bench scrapers that will do the job, but i love the way this handle feels in my hand.
 Wow, this is all really great advice!!!! Especially about practicing every day until the test
  Here are instructions for uploading an image to an album, for example you could upload this cake to birthday cakes. Then come back in this thread and let us know you uploaded it with the link so we can see it!
I didn't even know you could make marshmallow w/o egg whites!!!!!  I have only ever made them with eggs, which were delicious. I am so inspired to attempt vegan marshmallows now that I know I can make them w/o eggs.  I can sub agar agar for the gelatin.
You need to use oil based or powdered colors to mix with the modeling chocolate.  Good luck!
 I only use meringue buttercream and I see no reason you should not color it dark colors. Why would American BC be easier/better to color? I have had great success "blooming" my color. It yields a richer darker color and uses less gel, which IMO improves the taste of colored BC. I prepare my BC as usual, the scoop out 1/4 cup of it into a microwave safe cup/bowl. Add several drops of gel color and stir well. Then microwave until melted, usually about 10 seconds, the color...
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