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I tried to paste and copy your comment Pjheun but it didn't work! Yes, I AM VERY CONCERN TOO! This is my SECOND TIME I buy & I received NOTHING! Not even a reply, an answer email, NOTHING! And I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!
Oh God! No please, not again!! I bought one time the magazine subscription and I never received a single issue AND/OR my refund!!! I bought THREE books! A lot of money.........
Ohhhh man!!! Didn't see that!  
Hi there! I placed my order for the limited edition book and I would like to know when it will be shipped? Will be here before Christmas? Thanks in advanced! Wo-hoo! Can't wait! ;) Ana.
Does anyone knows how to make this flower? Looks like round cutters and easy to do but is there any tutorial? I would really appreciate any help!! Thanks in advanced!
When you buy CC Magazine, one by one, can you get it right away??? Thanks!
Oh cool!! Where did you buy them??
Hi! I would like to know where to buy these two magazines (hard copies not digital editions) I paid for a renewal 29.99 but I don't really understad, it says 29.99, 60.00, 8 months, 12 months, etc. Kind of confusing!! So, I don't know what I paid for!! It will be more easy to me to buy them one by one but I been looking and looking all over online with no luck! The link here on the website seems it's not working! Any help? Thanks in advanced! Cbya.
Hi everyone!I been wondering wich size is the 'the Texas muffin'??? TX cupcake? TX muffins? What's the difference from wilton king size cupcake etc. Are they taller and slim or how??? Sorry my ignorance! Thanks a lot!
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