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Wow CraftyBanana you need to start a thread with gourmet cookie flavors and recipes !
I saw that someone had made a green tea WASC with green tea infused cream cheese filling.  Does anyone have a recipe they are willing to share ?  I love the idea and would like to give it a try.
What ? How ?  I'm so confused.  Would maggots get in a cake ?  How long would it have had to sit there ?  That isn't really something that would happen overnight.  I talked with someone who had once gotten a cake from a bakery and when they got it home and cut it there was mold on the bottom.  But I can honestly say this is the first live maggot cake I've ever heard of !  Bless her heart.  I can not imagine.  Disgusting !
Just beginning to work with modeling chocolate so looking for tips.... So I'm bumping...
I have the Cricut Cake bought it when they first came out and I enjoy using it, but I would love to be able to cut any image.  That is amazing !  So, with the Explore you can pull up any image, link and cut?  That is definitely worth checking into.
I am making a 3D Hello Kitty cake.  The head is RKT, I've not worked a lot with RKT and I am struggling with how to put a dowel in it without it breaking apart the RKT and / or coming all the way through out the top of the head.  Is there a trick I'm missing ?  I have coated the head in melted chocolate to keep it together and firm and I put melted chocolate on the dowel before inserting it, but it just comes straight through the top of the head.  Also, she wants no...
I make MMF and if I have a color like red or black I add gel color (AmeriColor) into the melted marshmallows before adding the powdered sugar.  Doing this always give me rich, dark colors.  In fact, if I have a lot of any certain color to do on a cake I add the coloring first it saves from doing all of that kneading !   This is some red and black I have left over from some cakes earlier in the week.  Sorry about the quality of the pics, but it gives you an idea.
I just had a conversation with my husband this morning about not only do you have to deal with people having what I call the "Wal-Mart mentality" (the attitude of "well I can get a cake at Wal-Mart for $15") you all know what I'm talking about, but you also have to compete with a million people out there who think because they've mastered the star tip that they should sell their cakes.  Honestly there is one lady locally and 85% of her cakes have fondant cut out polka dots...
The dam is to keep you from having a bulge or having the filling coming out so it doesn't matter if you are covering the cake in buttercream or fondant you will still want to have a dam to prevent either of those two things from happening.
I have googled and experimented and I can not figure out how to achieve the Shadow Grass Camo fondant like I see on several duck hunting cakes.  Please help.
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