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Thank you.
Someone recently posted a new tutorial on this technique. Now I cannot find it. It was a new one just a few days ago. What happened to it?
I use to use Crisco all the time. I think I will just use it and get use to using it again.
Just watched a news story on HLN. The FDA is moving to remove all trans fats form food. I guess that will include Sweetex or any hi ratio shortenings is great.  She does alot of buttercream which I like.  She tries to use things you might have without buying something everytime you make something.  She also is not hung up on the idea that every thing you use has to be edible.  She just did a caste cake that was great.  I love the site. $30 a year is a steal.
I bought some today and it rode around in my trunk for a few hours.  94 degrees.  I then notice the the bottle says heat sensitive.  Did  I ruin it? 
I wish it would come out west again.  All these places are so far from me.  I am in Idaho.  Went to Nashville with my husband to a conference a few weeks ago.  Took a couple of classes at Sweetwise.  Maybe some year.
I like my kopykake airbrush,
Are they food safe?  I looked at a self healing sewing mat and the smell made me realize I could not use it for food.  This one looks like it would be o.k.  What do you think?
Do you share your icing recipe?
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