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My piping is going to be somewhat intricate with lots of small bits.  The main cake will be a different colour.  I don't want the spray to get on the main cake part so I can't just spray it afterwards.
I'm making a purse cake next week and am making some accents with mmf.  I got a can of Duff's Cake Graffiti in silver to spray on the mmf to give it a silvery shine.  I'll also be piping a design with buttercream and was just wondering if I could spray some of this in the icing to colour it too and would that make the icing a shiny silver too so the icing wouldmatch the mmf?
I've heard of these and seen them around. I know they're mainly for flavouring candy and chocolate, but I was wondering if you could flavour icing with them? And if so, does it change the colour of the icing a lot?
I've seen it at Bulk Barn if you have one of those near you. Their website shows 3 locations in London.
I like the idea everyone has about putting your business name on the cake board. When I first read that, I assumed it would just be on the edge so everyone could see it and this lady could come up with a cover story for it or try to remove it or whatever, but someone said something that made me think that the business information would be in the middle of the cake board, under the cake. I love that idea! That way, the lady doesn't know about it and the customer will...
I used the Wilton No Taste Red for my Canada Day Flag cake last year. I used a whole 1oz bottle and it got to be a very nice red. Don't forget that it will darken after a bit of time. Mine still looked dark pink in the bowl, but when I put it on the cake, it was definitely red.Michaels does sell the Wilton colours and I know I've seen the No Taste Red here in the Ottawa stores, so hopefully they'll have some where you are. Bulk Barn also carries Wilton colours if...
I used half of the sports ball pan for the top bun. The bottom bun and burger were done in a 6" round pan.
Yes, it's just chocolate cake. I did the bun parts in French Vanilla and iced them and then the burger is chocolate cake. The onions, tomatoes and cheese are mmf and the lettuce is icing. I made the fries from the humps of the vanilla cakes.
For my bun colour, I just made regular icing and then added some cocoa to get it a bit brown. I also added some golden yellow colour to it to give it more of a bun colour than just brown.To assemble it, just put the bottom bun layer, then the burger layer, then all your toppings and then the top's so simple!I was amazed at how easy it was to do this cake and it looks so impressive too.
That is too funny! I work at a store that helps raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer. A few years ago, just before it first started, the District Manager was visiting our store and was talking about it and he kept calling it "prostrate." It drove me crazy! Then when it actually did start and we were accepting donations, we had to scan this barcode that would add the donation and it came up as "prostrate cancer" I HATED IT! The worst part is that our district...
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