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Yes, it's even and treated. Double stick tape is a great idea. Thank you so much!
I'm making a camo wedding cake and they have an actual tree trunk as the base. How can I secure the cake to the base? Or what can I put the cake on and then transfer it onto the base?
Thanks for the help.
So I was asked by a friend for a rice crispy treat cake for someone that doesn't eat gluten.I press the rice crispy treats in two 6in pans. I was thinking of using white chocolate to hold the layers together. Should I do this or could I just use buttercream? Also, I am covering it in fondant. Show I do a base coat of buttercream?Anyone with experience in this area would be a great help.Thanks!
Does anyone have an opinion on the regular vs the mini? The website I saw just says it takes up less space. But does it effect the size of objects you can cut?
PERFECT! Thank you!
I wanted to try making ganache that you dip the top of the cupcake in to frost it. Can anyone tell me the best recipe for this and if I have to let the ganache cool before dipping them?Thank you for the help.
A friend of mine wants a two tier cake that sits on tip of a Martini cake stand. I googled it to see who carries the stand and all I could find is DIY info on using hot glue to stick the martini glass to a glass plate. Does anyone know if a martini glass could hold a two tier cake? It would either be a 8in and 6in or 10in and 8in.Any help would be great.
Thanks for your thoughts. I will take a look at that thread.
So here is my story....I LOVE cake decorating and want nothing more than to open my own bakery one day. However, I have a full time job that I can't afford to just up and quit. My local college does not offer any pasty arts classes. I found a community college a couple counties away that seems to have a good program. It's just finding the time to travel to take these classes between my job and taking care of my 5 year old son.Is there anyone who was or is in a similar...
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