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Thanks will try it!
Does anyone know how to make a red velvet cake roll? I want to use a doctored cake mix recipe. What do I need to add or subtract to make the cake roll?
Hmm... I have gumtex too. So I may try it both ways (paste & tex) just to see which I like better. I like using just fondant but this might be better according to the other posters.
I am going to make Jessie cowgirl and Bull's Eye the horse from Toy Story! Thx 4 all the advice.
Thanks for the input. It is much appreciated!
I've always used straight fondant and didn't have any trouble. But never before hand ( in advance). So I'm going to try 50/50 w/the gum paste. I haven't used gum paste much.@ Coral3 - how do you wrap yours?@ Bskinne - wow, from '09? That's pretty awesome. I'm wondering if that's b/c it was straight gumpaste?Thx for the info!
How far in advance can fondant figures be made? I have to make a cake w/fondant figures on top. Due to time constraints, I'd like to make as much as possible ahead of time. Does anyone know how far in advance I can make them?TIA!
That's what I thought! Thx =) Don't think I want to chance it.
Time constraints!
Can I freeze fondant figures after I've made them? I've never freezed fondant before. TIA
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