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Thank you. I saved it as a fav.
Thank you , Andrew.  I shop GSA and have wondered where to find coupon codes.   Sandy
I want to save this as a favorite, but don't see it in your gallery.
This beautiful!   Blue is my fav color, and this has just the right hue on the stark white. It is lovely. I'd love to see close ups of the cake and know how you constructed the flowers. Did you tint the sugar dress or did you color afterward?. I hope you don't mind if I use this for inspiration.
That's true. I have a lot of older Wilton products and pans that are actually very good, and widely available. I was going to be a Wilton instructor, but held back because I went back to school and could not commit the time. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because that was when they came out with the punch cutters and I just do not believe they are practical at all. There are so many individual components that are so big and bulky. It was the same time they...
Very nice!. Congrats on a cute cake.
Ditto, that is EXACTLY what I was going to suggest.
Sorry, was taking a break from homework. I meant site.
I always got a kick out of the name, "Decorator Preferred."  It has taken them over a decade to realize they were the laughing stock of the decorating industry. The only thing decorators preferred to do with Wilton's fondant was make sure everyone knew there were better alternative brands.     I certainly have this cite and a local cake shop to remove the fog from my eyes and see the truth.    
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