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Same here. Those trials are so pretty! I am pleasantly surprised. I really like that pattern, too. There are so many available.
I'm not sure how well fondant would work in those lace mats. They are so shallow and fine, and fondant is not very strong. It may stretch or tear as you try to remove it. Try getting Cake Lace or Sugar Dress. These will hold their shape and work very well.  I have some lace mats from Sugar Veil and the orange mats for Sugar Dress and I love them.
It's actually tinier than babies breath. Better off piping.
Red velvet is red chocolate cake. I don't know of a red velvet cake recipe that is less chocolatey. Maybe others have a suggestion for you.
OMG! I made those for a pot luck for my office about 10 years ago. I shaped them so I could put a couple of Jelly Belly jelly beans and they looked like little nests. The chocolate coating on the noodles kept them crisp and they were soooo good. Messy to make, but so yummy.  
Well, I didn't have tearing, I just noticed how much softer it was, which made it easy to stretch. Overall, my experience was good, no real complaints. I have to have the air conditioner on due to the heat and humidity, and it was moist enough to allow me to get it on the cake and smoothed out without tearing. Any time I have problems with over stretching or tearing it is because it is too thin.
I'm in South Florida and out of necessity I used the new Wilton fondant on my latest cake. I like the improved taste, but I like the old texture better. It is much softer now and stretches very easily. But it smoothed very nicely with no cracking or developing the elephant skin look.
I deliver all cakes, and upon delivery I take a picture... the cake is on their table, at their location. They move the cake = not my problem.
I'm not sure I understand the complaint. Did the plate crack/separate or the cake? Or the weave? I've made many basket weave cakes, and I can recall 3 times where I had problems, and none were the fault of Wilton. I had heat, and icing either too soft or too stiff. If your basket weave is not tight enough to stick together or your icing too stiff where it will not stick, it will fall off or separate. Too soft and it will sag.   I have a lot of Wilton tools as I have been...
That's a great idea. I've done this before with other recipes and will try it with icing. Thanx for the tip.
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