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You stated that you didn't use shortening? Why? I think shortening helps keep everything together better than just all butter and with all butter perhaps the high temp being suggested had something to do with the crumb. To me butter whips light and fluffy and maybe the high temp broke the butter down.  Not sure however try following the recipe as written as the cake is delicious and bake it at 325 until done.  Good Luck.
Cheating runs pretty rampant, just check out Medicare theft amongst untrustworthy doctors. Food stamps like Medicare is wide spread and I don't want to get into families that have so many children and their young children also have babies and they get major $$$$$ of stamps.  Back on track though, I remember when Food Stamps went from Chits (receipts that showed the change from a transaction and they could use the slip later) to money allowed to be given as change. In the...
Looking at the photo so you can understand which one I am talking about..... The tall one on the left stands on its own 4 tall legs that screw in.  The other 2, the taller of the 2 has a leg that screws into the shorter holder. I have 2 of these stand and I love them!!! I think you will be happy with it.
Unfortunately, I can not level a cake like some do. i.e. cutting the top even with the pan, turning it on a turn table, using toothpicks to match up, nothing worked for me.  I used a Wilton cake leveler and it worked decently enough but never like I wanted my cakes to be.  Like Leah_S says, get an Agbay! It is costly but, it saves so much in the end. It saves time leveling and it certainly would help your cakes. Even though they looked level, they weren't and no matter how...
I never use the postal service for anything that has a time frame.  Once I was going on a cruise and could not find my birth certificate, I paid for 2 day service and 5 days later I still did not have it.  I tracked it and could see where the court had turned it over to them but, never got it.  I had my brother to go down and get it for me and Fed Ex to me.  Use UPS or Fed Ex from now on, worth any extra money you may pay.
Beautiful and love the design with the "flowers" in the vase.
If you prop bows open on their sides, put rolled paper towel in the center of the loop.  If you need to support maybe a figure then try a paper towel roll to hold it upright.  There are many things you can do to make fondant/ gum paste items either stand or be supported somehow.  Also be sure you do not have a sweater or anything fuzzy when working with this medium.  Good luck!
We have an extremely old (business wise) and popular bakery here.  It used to be downtown and everyone ordered their cakes for all sorts of celebrations.  I always thought they were scratch cakes but I saw in American Cake Decorating magazine that they used the big bags of mix.  I was so shocked!!!  They tasted amazing and I do not know what they do to the mix but they sure are great tasting.  I don't know what other places do but as long as they taste great, I think you...
I don't particularly care for lemon juice myself, I use either some inexpensive Vodka or Gin as they are colorless and do not change colors of gel or dust.  I suggest getting some and use it the same as you would the lemon juice, I think you will like it much better. 
If anyone wants to try a great crust for their cheesecake use the Biscoff cookies. I make it the same as graham cracker crusts.  I love those cookies and they make a great crust or try Ginger Snap cookies.  Yummy!!!
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