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I took lessons from Nick Lodge when I was in Atlanta and when he is going to roll a small amount of fond or gum paste he uses corn starch with a light hand.  If you are going to roll a large amount, to cover a cake, if you don't own a mat, you can put a very light amount of shortening on your counter. By a light coat I mean just so it looks like a sheen. Your fondant will roll out so much more easily.  Let us see your cake please, post a photo.
You're so welcome.  Did you return the pans or measure.
You can use glycerin and it does the same thing however, my personal is using a little shortening. When I use fondant, 50/50 or gum paste I have a small plastic container filled with shortening near me. I use this so as I am dipping fingertips into it I will not contaminate the large container I use for baking. Use what you prefer, no rule that you have to use a particular one.  No on will knock on your door to check what you are using.
If you are making your own fondant then you would add the amount listed in the recipe. If using ready made fondant you can lightly coat your hands (I emphasize lightly)  with a little shortening, just roll and stretch the fondant a little.  This puts the shortening on and into the fondant making it smoother.  Be sure to roll leftover fondant or 50/50 into a log and coat with shortening, roll with a couple layers of plastic wrap and store in a zip lock bag, squishing the...
Just a quick reminder about Tuesday Morning having the 6 Qt mixer on sale.  I love mine!
All I ever do is apply a thin coat of icing, ganache or whatever you are using. Actually it is more than a crumb coat but not as much as the amount you would use if you were icing your cake for someone. I too set the iced cake in the fridge for at least an hour.  It allows the icing to chill and set up and since the icing is not thick then the icing will be fine to put fondant on. Good luck
I just wanted to let everyone know that Tuesday Morning will have the 6 Qt., Professional Mixer on sale for $299.99. This has  a 575 watt motor and it shows the whip, beater, dough hook and the plastic splash shield.  If you need one I would get down there on 6/1 (when the sale starts) early. Good luck everyone, a deal too good to pass!! 
I agree wholeheartedly!!!  
My first thought is; anyway to return the pans?  If not what you can do is take a measuring cup and a 2" high pan, if you have any, and pour water into it to come up about 3/4 of the way. Keep track of how much was poured in and that is how much batter you will pour into the 4" pans.  No heating core or upside down flour nail.  Good Luck to you!!! 
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