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I think it is the height of the dowels you are using.  You must not be getting them all the same height and this can cause the layer to bulge with the weight of the one above it or just it alone.  I freeze all my cakes for a few days and then I let them set out to defrost so I can ice them and I don't have this trouble, not even with fondant.  I would go with the sps system and add it into the cost, it really works well.  
What a wonderful story!  It is so nice of you to save the bride's embarrassing cake as well as to show the original baker how to do things correctly.  You will be blessed in many things to come as it is true, what goes around comes around.  Bless you for all the help.
kitagirl, I knew when I was reading this earlier I knew of a place to buy brooches much cheaper than shown.  I have a link here for you to look at and see if any meet your needs.  Good luck!
It is best to use a lower temperature to bake any of your cakes, 325 degrees is great.  Takes a little longer, how much longer depends on your oven and how accurate the temp is.  Also use a metal flower nail or more for cakes over 8".  You can stick one in the center or if I make an 11x15 or 12x18 I use 3 or 4 as needed.  They help conduct the heat to all parts of the cake and make it bake evenly.  HTH.
I've make the little cake balls inside the cakes many times and have also done the cupcakes.  All I did was color some batter and bake an 8" pan of the colors, pan doesn't have to be full, just enough so you can make the balls when done.  After cooking I just take a melon baller to get the amount I need and compress it together.  I then put batter into the bottom of the cup, put the ball in and fill the rest of the way with batter.  bake as usual and ice when cool. ...
I have a friend in Morris her name is Pam   Her site is Pam's Tiers of Joy and she does wonderful work.  If you would PM me, as I leave for up there Wed. am, I can give her your number or your email, whichever is the best for you. evelyn
Here is the recipe and I have used it, love the taste.   Alice's Cookie Icing Ingredients 1# sifted powdered sugar (1 pound equals 4 cups) 3 TBSP. meringue powder 5-6 TBSP water for a thin consistency 1/2 cup butter Instructions Cream butter, add sugar & meringue powder, then add water. For a stiff consistency to make a dam on the cookies, I beat in 2-3T of water first, remove some icing for stiff consistency, then add more...
I normally make SMBC as I think it is easier but, whichever one you use you can just put in Nutella to taste or you can use the Torani Hazelnut flavored syrup.  I keep adding Nutella until I think it is right and I use the syrup as part of my water content for the cooking part.  Wither one tastes really good.
Since you have fondant on the cake you can put it in the fridge until you need it.  Be sure to take it out in plenty of time for it to return to room temp and do not touch the fondant as you will have prints on the surface.  The condensation will disappear as it does warm up.  The fondant helps keep the cake fresh and you can still serve it on Tuesday.  In the future, if you have time, you could make the cake, ice it and set it into the freezer to get frozen, then take...
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