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Wilton is an inexpensive way to use fondant, however, I would not use it to cover a cake, only for figures to go on top or sides.  If you use a more expensive fondant it will taste much better, believe me.  If you use 2 fondant smoothers then you can hold one on top, over the side of the cake and use another one to smooth the sides.  As you smooth the side bring the one up to meet the bottom part of the one being held on the top of the cake.  If you continue doing this...
Sorry marya92 but for some reason I did not see that you needed and answer until today.  Depending what I have made, such as flowers with thicker bases, I will leave them in for 2 or 3 days.  The bulb in the oven does not use much electricity so I find this is the easiest way to dry them.  Like I said though, be sure to put a sticky not over the oven control. evelyn
I believe that if you ask for advise then you should not argue when it is given.  Listen (or read) what is being relayed and decide if it will work for you.  It is correct that if you sell for inexpensive prices then your clientele will come to expect lower prices no matter what kind of cake the request, even if it is labor intensive.  These customers will tell their friends and you may gain more business but is it worth it to make 10 cake a week at 30.00 each or 5 at...
I store things like that in my oven also.  I will turn on the light to dry Roy Icing flowers, however, put a sticky note on the oven button and this will remind you not to just turn it on.  I relay this hint to my students in course 2.
Tell him being eaten is what you are looking for but, it does not mean that you should lower your price
Ditto paperfishies
If you type "cloth pastry bags into Google you can go onto Amazon and there is a set of 3 heavy cloth bags on there.  I do not have hot hands however, I have purchased some for students in my class that have severely hot hands.  I know other sites have them but this was the easiest to find.  You just wash them as you would any other bag and you might be sure you use shortening or hi ratio shortening as butter has a very low melting point. 
I do not know why they use the white Paper? but the metal nail is called a witch's hat.  It makes it possible to make your flowers without piping a base.  If you look at it, it is the cone shape that you would make to do a rose and other flowers.  My only thought is that rather than wipe the metal nail off after each flower that is piped the flower can be lifted to place onto the cake without getting the nail dirty and having to wash it all the time in between.
I think it is the height of the dowels you are using.  You must not be getting them all the same height and this can cause the layer to bulge with the weight of the one above it or just it alone.  I freeze all my cakes for a few days and then I let them set out to defrost so I can ice them and I don't have this trouble, not even with fondant.  I would go with the sps system and add it into the cost, it really works well.  
What a wonderful story!  It is so nice of you to save the bride's embarrassing cake as well as to show the original baker how to do things correctly.  You will be blessed in many things to come as it is true, what goes around comes around.  Bless you for all the help.
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