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Caster sugar is very fine and when I have a recipe that calls for it I just run a bunch through either the blender of food processor, pulsing quite a few times.  Then I measure the amount.
I've never used this recipe before but, it looks similar to the one I make.  It looks quite goo and it should work for about anything.  Let us know how it turns out if you make it.
Normally the 3.9 size is used unless otherwise stated different.  Of course, if you are doubling, then use 2 of this size.
I'm not sure what may have happened as I made many cakes from the 50 pound bag and all turned out fine.  Not doubting that you follow directions well and all I can say is did you weigh your ingredients?  I even weigh my water when I use the large mix.  The cups are not standardized in the US and it is better to weigh it also.  Try again and I hope all works out for you. 
It sure sounds like it would be a great dessert. I looked at the recipe and the walnuts are crushed to take the place of flour and this is a dense cake.  I make gluten free cakes for my clients and they are dense but not like a brick.  Give it a try.
According to what you printed as your recipe I believe that your icing may have been too stiff to hold onto the sides of the cake. Next time try thinning it some and they should stay put.  Also like K8memphis states, use the box to deliver.
In your butter cream recipe you are only using 4 c (approx. 1 pound) of confectioners sugar to all that butter and shortening as well as so much milk.  Your perfect ration would be 8 cups p sugar or 2 pound, easier to weigh it out. You should also put about 1/4 tsp of salt to help with the sweetness and to make your icing in various stiffness, for the 2 lb. of sugar and to get stiff consistency you would put in 4 TBS and 2 tsp liquid. Then to get medium consistency you...
It was my pleasure. When I worked I typed some things in all Caps and I was told by my boss, she did proofing etc. for a large publishing company, not to do it.  She said people can not read it, WHAT, can't read it? I can but after so many years of following that so many others can't and that it is not an option unless I want to yell.  I hope I offended no one.
fondantslinger, I mean no offense but, please don't type in all capitals. The main reason being; it is very difficult to read, especially long replies. 2nd - in the world of the internet, it is considered yelling.  Again, please no offense.
The design idea on your cake is very cute, however, I feel that there are many errors on it.  One has already been mentioned, the bulge and it is very important to let your cake sit as stated so it can settle.  The other things I noticed are; the circles on the top of the cake are not really even as far as the diameter is concerned.  The balls at the bottom are not uniform.  The easies way to make them all the same size is to roll out fondant and cut circles that will be...
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