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This is just ribbon from the store and not fondant ribbon...
Will the RI not pull the buttercream off?
I always seem to have a problem with the ribbon not laying up against the sides flat around the corners. I try to tighten the ribbon and then it digs into the corners...How do I fix this? I have a square this weekend and it has a silver rhinestone ribbon and not sure how I can get it to look perfect.
I did a wedding a couple months ago with a square cake. I fought for almost 2 hours to get the ribbon to go up against the corners! How do you get them to go up o the corners and keep the corner look? I have a square cake soon with rhinestone ribbon and am stressing over the corners already!
No fondant and no filling except icing
If I am doing a cake over a fountain and it is a 14-10-6 would a 16 inch plate with 4 roman pillars be ok? Or would you have to do a 18 inch plate with 6 roman pillars?? The cake board will be 16 inches so I think it would look better on a 16 inch but I don't want it to not be sturdy enough with just 4 pillars....
When I used the Wilton silver spray a few weeks ago, I had to do several coats and it came out silver.
Good for you. I homeschool as well (I saw several posted they homeschool) I was so busy over the summer and so overwhelmed. I had to cut back big time on orders for awhile. I felt so bad because I was booked last week and this weekend, so hubby had to go alone to visit his family for the weekend. :( I had no choice but to stay home. I am swamped until after Thanksgiving. We really need the extra money but I wish at times I didn't have to do so much. I am thankful that I...
Thanks for the replies. My sister is flying in for the holiday when the cake is due and she is going to do most of the work for me. She is way better and faster at those scrolls. lol
trista- I always tell the customer I will carry it to your car. lol
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