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I've fallen in love with these exact sugar lace molds, but cant't find where to get them, does anyone have any ideas? I've tried the cake decorating company and ebay, but no luck :(
Please can anyone give me more detail about why this fondant is so good? Why is it different to other sugar pastes? When is it appropriate to substitute for this icing? Normally I use Renshaw covering paste. I'd love to use something that wold enable me to ice thinner.
Can anyone tell me how long RKT's keep for? Can the molded item be made several weeks in advance?   I have a couple of tea pots to make (for 2 different weddings) that have a lot of hand painting, so it would be soooo useful to make a couple for the same design at once, rather than do each individually the week of the weddings!  
Thanks for your reply. I'm going to add an extra cupcake case, but that will only stop the fat from the actual cake, not from the butter cream. If I add the greaseproof paper  I imagine it will be visible near the top (as it has a scalloped edge along the top)? As it's the top where the butter cream touches the wrapper.   I wish I could spray the inside with something (to act as a sealant) but I tried cocoa butter & food lacquer and it just made them patchy (and...
Please can anyone tell me how to stop card cupcake wrappers absorbing the fat from butter cream because they look so awfully patchy when that happens?? Some wrappers dont need it (because they have a slight plastic film which acts as a barrier), but it's not possible to tell which do when buying on line, and now I've got these card cupcake wrappers, there's no alternatives available to match the design the bride wants, and she's collecting the cake...
This whole crusting butter cream is new territory to me, but I'm thinking it basically looks like a mix of royal icing & buttercream (made with shortening), with the royal icing being the part that forms the crust? Being British, I dont know what a 'Viva' paper towel is? The technique itself sounds great, I'm just wondering if a paper towel from the uk is comparable to a 'Viva' paper towel? one can enlighten me?  
Apologies for coming into this so long after it was originally posted, would you mind posting images of the components required to create this because I'm finding it difficult to imagine with say a thousand words and all that.     How do you make the mdf hygienic? It's a material that sheds slightly round the edges (where it's cut, so how do you prevent the dust getting into the cake? I was thinking of stainless steel but mdf would...
Well, I was so nearly there with the purchase, until I spotted about the frequency of use problem! Like the idea of selling the prints, but then creating the market for it is another problem in itself. Thank you everyone for all your advice, I'll keep the advice safe in case my needs do increase.!   Katie  
Ah I see, I was a little confused about the 2 black colours for a moment! ;)   $109 is a good deal, the best comparable deal I can find is £ GBP!   Just looking at it though and I'm now concerned about shelf life, it says the colours only last about 9-12 months, whereas I only do about 1 print per month, so worried it would block up and turn faulty on me because it's not in use enough?
That's useful advice, thank you Irene, so to get a good quality print I should look for a printer that holds more than 4 inks and ultra filtered ink?   I'll let you know what I find! Thank you.   Katie  
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