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I'm looking for a good costing book for my daughter. She is starting to sell her baked goods and I want to make sure she's pricing correctly. Also, it needs to be very step by step because she is LD in math. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hello All,   I have a cake recipe I really like that serves 24 using a 9"x13" pan. I need to make two 6" round cakes, two 9" round cakes, and two 12" round cakes. All 3" tall pans. How do I calculate the ingredientsfrom the rectangle pan to the rounds?   Thanks for any help.
I'm new to making and traveling with wedding cakes. I have a question. I have to take a wedding cake to where the reception will be. I figure I would build it when I get there. However, I haven't found boxes large enought to carry a 6" x 12" round cake bottom, 6" x 9" middle, and 6" x 6" top. The height is really the problem. Any suggestions?
I'm needing to write a name on a cake. Someone suggested color-flo or piping gel. They suggest using these to copy the letters on to wax paper, then sticking on cake. The person wants special lettering. Which would be better? Also, where would I purchase color-flo?    Thanks
Thank you everyone for your great suggestions!
Hello Everyone,I pretty much have crappy handwriting. Of course, people want me to put fancy initials on there cakes. How can I improve my handwriting skills? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I'll try them and see what helps.
Unfortunately , my hands tend to shake when I try to decorate a cake. Any suggestions on how I can stabilize my hands?
Are there any good books or websites that will help me with cake sculpting? Any suggestions would be really helpful.Thanks
My daughter is going to school to be a Baking & Pastry Chef. I want to purchase her a good airbrush kit. Any suggestions?
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