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Hi Does anyone know how to make Batman out of fondant or gumpaste? I have been asked to make a cake for a boy's birthday party and would love to test my fondant skills with a handmade topper.Hope that someone can help.Stacey
Here's the link to the photo:
Thanks, JanH!
Can someone help me with how to upload the attachments? It doesn't seem to be working
Hi CC'ersI am thinking of reproducing the boot in the attached photo in gumpaste? Does anyone know how to achieve this? Is there a simple template that I can use? I found a cutter on another website (see highheel.jpg) but the result would be a "flat" representation. Hope that someone can help.Stacey
Hi confectionsofahousewifeThanks for responding.I did just that..replace the liquid in my chocolate cake recipe with the Guinness and it turned out quite good.Thanks again.
Hi frankdiabetes Not really...I was just hoping that I could simply replace the water in my recipe with the stout.
Hi CC'ersI want to try baking a Chocolate Stout cake this weekend. I researched some recipes and most of them recommended boiling the stout and then melting the butter in it.Is this an abosultely necessary step? Is there a special reason why the stout must be boiled first?Please let me know because I would rather use me technique:- boil water (in this case, stout) and stir in cocoa powder- cream butter and sugar- add eggs and flavouring- alternately add dry ingredients...
Hi alli tried uploading a copy of the cake that i want to do but CC isn't accepting the attachment.if anyone of you have the Wilton Wedding Cake book, it is called "Gather Your Dreams".Stacey
The technique is similar to the one shown in this cake but horizontal and not vertical. The RI bands are a lot smaller and will staggered in rows to resemble a basketweave.Here is the link:
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