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those cupcakes look great!! i cant wait to try the tutorial.
i find that Wilton Rose is really bright though!
try using the Americolor brand, they have a line of neon colours. the neon colours include electric blue, yellow, green, orange, pink and purple
that sounds yummy!!!
you have picked some popular cake decorators, so you should be "good to go". as a matter of fact, i have all of these books on my wishlist...i especially love debbie brown.
will be the cake be covered in buttercream or fondant?if it is buttercream, i agree with pjay's suggestion. i have tried that method and it works!!
this cake looks really complicated!!my guess (i have never carved a cake in my life) is if you look at the bottom tier, you can see that she "offsets" (if that is the right term) the cutting of the square; i would place a toothpick about 2" from the bottom left and 2" from the top right (more or less if you prefer). and then carve out cake moving from the opposite corner to the toothpick.dont carve out too much on the sides because you have to do the same thing at the...
i agree with the suggestion by butterflywings.i once bought a bottle of super red and, although the red was just the colour that i wanted, it tasted awful!!!i use wilton's no-taste red first until it is a bright pink and then add a super red colour.
PennySue, could you please let me know which design DVD you were referring to?thanks
clc404, all of my recipes have been converted from AP flour to cake flour, and I use the same amount of baking powder and / or baking soda that was stated in the recipe
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